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Barcode: 827170516168 Release : 30.09.13 Tracklist: A - Maybeso B - Inmahed Our West Coast brother from another mother Dave Aju has been a vital part of the Circus Company troupe since the early days of the label, due in no small part to his combination of flamboyant style and hefty funk. For all the experimental qualities in Aju’s music there is an equal amount of hip hop swagger and heartfelt soul, and when you filter those elements through a house music template you get close to a perfect definition of the tastes that drive our label. After the stunning diversity of last year’s Heirlooms LP, it is an unbridled pleasure to welcome Mr. Aju back for a focused two-track release that finds the San Franciscan enchanter summoning up his finest deep house powers. As ever, there is a wistful, sunkissed quality to the music contained within this record, as Blue Note keys wrap themselves around the nagging beats, side-stepping the frantic urgency of so much ‘dance’ music to focus on easy going attitude that encourages a more sensual kind of body movement. Aside from the rhythmic alchemy Dave Aju whips up in his creative cauldron, it will always be the adventurous use of his voice that announces his inimitable sonic identity, and that’s no different here. From the pitched down surreality of his tones on “Maybeso” with its hopeful lyrical refrain, to the catchy rapping-singing alternation that runs through “Inmahed", Aju’s voice is his music and his music is his voice, the two perfectly intertwined like no-one else could step to. Satisfying every craving we have for soul and boogie in the fresh, exciting house music we want to share with the world, we’ll never tire of Dave Aju and his freaky ways. When his offerings so perfectly balance the desire to listen to engaging sounds and the need to get our groove on, how could we ever ask for more?

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