“A System Of Objects”

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UPC: 827170133723 Release: November 11th, 2013 Tracklist: 1. Feral, 2. Slowing Time, 3. African Wig, 4. Ruins, 5. Visitor, 6.Dusk, 7. Furniture, 8. Carcass, 9. Blood And Hair, 10. Missing In Action, 11. Floor, 12. Small Changes, 13. Fragments, 14. Summoning ALBUM INFO: When Messiaen set out to transcribe birds’ songs as models for his compositions, he couldn’t have predicted that by now wild birds would have started to learn mobile phone ringtone patterns. For “A System of Objects", RAUDIVE aka OLIVER HO maps an obliquely constructed world in which you lose all certainty of what is nature and what is design. Raudive celebrates dance and auditory scenes as rituals, employing our surroundings as sources of ahistorical “found sound” - primitive technologies used to reach magickal states. A drum machine and a wooden stick, a sawtooth-shaped electric current and a split rock all turn into empirical objects of the same class, without a definite past or a predictable impact. We have become dependent on technology we don’t grasp beyond its display surface. Lost on reason, we are thrown back on the ritual to reveal the hidden relations of what surrounds us: the club as emblematic center of the emancipated individual, longing to bond with equals, again. BIOGRAPHY: Originally being one of the original British techno innovators in the 1990s, after 2006 Oliver Ho shifted gear with his Raudive alias towards slower, hypnotically bouncing rhythms. Various shades of darkness and acoustic / metallic found sound sources shape the Raudive aesthetic. His records have appeared on labels such as Cocoon, Running Back, Pokerflat, Thema and on his own Wires imprint. “ASoO” is his 2nd album after 2010’s “Chamber Music” on Macro. The 20 page CD booklet contains images from the series “Masks” by Jens Ullrich. http://www.van-horn.net/artists/jens-ullrich/biography.html

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DJ / MAG: “Ame (Innervisions): I'm a Raudive fan full on! AFRICAN WIG is my favourite in the album. Brag Magazine (AUS): A diverse producer who has explored many different styles throughout his discography, from hard-edged techno to more experimental and minimal sounds, RAUDIVE is one of the most engaging producers of the underground because of his willingness to take risks and try different things with each release. His previous album on Macro, Chamber Music, was one of my favourite albums of 2010, melding minimal techno and house with classical and tribal tinges, with the pulsating BRITTLE a particularly memorable highlight. While some of the tracks on A SYSTEM OF OBJECTS aren’t entirely removed from the mood of Chamber Music in their murky layering of sounds, from initial listens Oliver Ho has opted for a rawer, more experimental tone for his forthcoming album. As Ho has said of his output previously, “Even though I make stuff that is supposedly for DJs to play, a lot of my stuff isn’t very ‘dance-y’. It’s more dance music put through a filter.” Whether you end up dancing to it or not, A SYSTEM OF OBJECTS is definitely recommended as one to play on a pristine system and immerse yourself in. Clubbing Spain (ES): El productor londinense Oliver Ho es una figura de referencia dentro de la escena techno británica. Últimamente ha centrado sus energías en el proyecto RAUDIVE, con el que ya ha publicado en Running Back, Cocoon y Macro . Titulado A SYSTEM OF OBJECTS, el nuevo disco fortalecerá la ya consistente relación de Ho con el sello berlinés Macro, dirigido por Stefan Goldmann y Finn Johannsen. De hecho fue con Macro con quien Ho publicó su LP de debut como Raudive, Chamber Music en el 2010. El disco será una exploración de la dependencia tecnológica de la sociedad actual dividida en 14 temas. "Ya no sabes lo que es natural y lo que es diseñado". Diversions CHRY FM Toronto (Radio): Engaging release, well crafted and dynamics. Highlights include the eerie RUINS, the floaty atmosphere of SMALL CHANGES and the percussive groove of MISSING IN ACTION. On air. Ellen Allien (BPitch): VISITOR is the opening track for my Celebration of Curation DJ mix. Faze Magazine (DE): We're presenting the album with a newspiece and review. Juno Plus (UK): The 14 track album will see RAUDIVE explore contemporary society’s dependence on technology as he “maps an obliquely constructed world in which you lose all certainty of what is nature and what is design”. The cover art is adapted from a still taken from the Maskencollagen series of photography by celebrated artist Jens Ullrich and the CD edition of the album features a booklet containing 20 further prints by him. Mano Le Tough: Crazy record! MISSING IN ACTION will be getting some plays as will FLOOR and SMALL CHANGES. Thanks! Mutant Disco Radio Show: Adore this! Great album. Already played RUINS and VISITOR on Mutant Disco radio show. Rating 5/5 (Leri Ahel) Noice! (Radio): Been looking forward to this release for some time now. Well done by one of my favourite and most creative artists on this over saturated market. Really well produced. 5/5. (Harry Ruffner) ORF FM4 Austria (Radio): Great album! AFRICAN WIG is my favourite. (Marcus Wagner-Lapierre) Osunlade (BBE): Love this project! Favourite track: SMALL CHANGES. RBMA Radio Berlin: Featured track SMALL CHANGES. Triple J FM Australia - Sound Lab: September 15th Sound Lab show presenting the soon to come album by British techno innovator RAUDIVE. Featured track: SLOWING TIME. Sound Lab is Australia's leading cutting edge electronic music radio show, aired on ABC network's Triple J station out of Sydney. ”

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