Mia Dora

“Clear/ Dj T Rmx”

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One is formerly the front man of a notorious Glaswegian punk band, the other a meticulously precise studio guru with creative flair way beyond the majority. As solo artists they’re a formidable force, as a collective they’re quite simply one of the most exciting new acts in the UK right now. Refusing to rush, they spend countless hours trying ideas, searching for samples, tuning percussion and tweaking sounds. For every Mia Dora track that sees the light of day, there are 100 that don’t. This isn’t throwaway club music for the internet generation, it’s soulful, thoughtful and emotive music by two producers fuelled by an intrinsic need to give life to the sounds in their heads. ‘Clear’ is a shivering end-of-the-night song that achieves fullness through the sonic refinement of each and every sound within it. Simple but insanely effective, we believe this is a true modern day classic that will sound as good in 10 years time as it does today. On remix duties Get Physical top dog DJ T stays true to the original, plumping the sub frequencies for a more club-focused rework, whilst Jaymo & Andy George deliver a low-slung version filled with twisted vocal effects and orchestral strings.

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