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Power. Mildness. roofs. The first album is always a challenge, when it is compared to the great releases. expectations – your own as well as those of others – must be met and a little innovation can’t be missing. with the ep “all Those moments” maurycy zim- mermann alias mooryc has fascinated both critics and fans alike. gentle electronica meets up with melancholy and his voice reconciles the relentlessness of the straight tact with quixotic ballads. unforgettably he stamped his bittersweet song on “krl", the strong firstling work of douglas greed. From that arose their collaborative project eating Snow, and in the words of douglas greed “a bipolar friendship” and the wonderfully beautiful downtempo track “Siamese Twins by choice” that appeared on bpitch control. There was also dapayk who recognized the qualities of mooryc and released quite recently the limited 10″ “Simply” on his Fenou label. and now there is “roofs” the debut from mooryc. it is an or- ganic continuation of his work heretofore, that unites everything from then and takes it one step further. Thought-through and still from the depths of his heart is “roofs” which is structured as “all Those moments". This is without losing any of it’s playfulness. mooryc experiments strongly with new rhythms, explores new tone worlds and adapts carefully for his own dance floor ideal – both imaginary and in reality. in all ten titles from “roofs” it is abundantly clear who is behind the signature and that is mooryc. he is reinforced by his haunting song. “To make music is for me like therapy. i can let things go things that occupy my thoughts” he said a little while ago in an interview for electronic beats. you can believe that from mooryc. including the lyrics from “Separate directions” his buddy greed wrote for mooryc, which means all the texts come from the same quill. with his voice he moves constantly between painful despondency, courageous expectation and a muscular courage. This album doesn’t merely satisfy

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