Session Victim

“Can't Help It”

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LabelRetreatCat. No.RTR014
FormatEXCL12"LOrders fromThu, 07 Nov 2013
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Rounding up a year which saw crucial releases from Iron Curtis and Quarion, “Can’t Help It” is the long awaited return of sample wizards Session Victim to the ep format. This Retreat 3-tracker is a profound, subtle and quite melancholic affair, perfect for those emotional moments in the early morning. Skillfully arranged and featuring the impeccable playing of Linnart Ebel, “Can’t Help It” is once again an essential statement from one of House Music’s most fascinating duo. “Pass The Diesel” begins with a stuttering beat, seagulllike noises and muted chords that wouldn’t be out of place on a vintage Group Home instrumental. Staying on the aquatic tip, Session Victim introduce a beautiful rhodes sequence which takes the track into a dream-like - dare we say californian? - direction. Spiced up with gentle synth noodlings, ethereal vocal snippets and a magical strings motive, “Pass The Diesel” bathes in the deeper shades of House without ever drowning in a cliché, thanks to its snapping drums and vivid arrangement. Slowing things down a notch, “Hyuwee” starts off with what is maybe the most unconventional instrument in Session Victim’s repertoire, the banjo! But the fear of witnessing these down-to-earth-boys actually becoming the boys-down-south vanishes after 30 seconds: a melancholic 3-Chord theme, snappy 808 patterns and funky drum fills lead the tune in a familiar (but vast) territory. Linnart Ebel’s talent is put to great use with subtle guitar licks that give a lively feel to the whole song. You will notice that Session Victim have labeled “Hyuwee” as an “instrumental".

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