Johannes Heil

“Figure Spc Q”

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Without need to mention his years of experience, classic German techno producer Johannes Heil arrives on Figure SPC with two classy dub techno movements, each shimmering and snaking over 20 minutes. ‘The Spirit Molecule’ - that enigmatic substance thought to take our consciousness beyond mortality and back again… is explored in this collectable release. The vinyl comes packaged in a metallic gold sleeve. Intricately dubbed and beautifully constructed, with earthy tape hiss creeping into the atmospheric, wash of reverb and delay, both sides are a real adventure for the head. At once meditative and reflective, melancholic and yet positive, they are luxuriously extended; laid out to finesse. Part 1 opens the sound field with classic dub stabs and subbed, low-end bass. Using a very reduced palette Heil hypnotises us and locks us in. Flip to Part 2 and the tempo is upped very slightly with a chugging, addictive weapon for the darker, more introspective dancefloors

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