Lonely C & Baby Prince


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Block rocking, pop locking Lonely C and Baby Prince are at it again with their latest “Fraiche EP” on Soul Clap Records. The troublemaking two-some take us back to 2011. It was a weekend in late august and New York City was practically under martial law. News tickers warned frightened citizens that a hurricane called Irene would strike at any minute, flooding most of Manhattan and Williamsburg where the boys sat gleefully snacking and talking shit inside the world famous Marcy Hotel. With all airplanes grounded and the trains halted it became clear that LC & BP were going nowhere. It began to rain, the wind picked up and as the skies darkened, NYC declared a state of emergency. Well…looks like it was time to hit the STUDIO! What followed could be considered a weekend of non stop music and delinquent antics. These two masters of hang out managed not to leave the house as they pumped out track after track anticipating the end of days. Only disaster never struck, IRENE WAS A HOAX! Was it another conspiracy? Who was pulling the strings? Who was John Frum? Is the earth hollow? The mysteries remain… UNSOLVED

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