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BARCODE 4250382423928 REL DATE 03.03.2014 Tracklisting: A. Egregius B1. Madness B2. Bac A Sable The young French producer and DJ Oliver Andrade returns to Dessous Recordings with his brand new, fresh for 2014 EP, ‘Madness’. Madness kicks off with ‘Egregius’ – quite a statement for this rising talent in European house circles. The lead track evokes classic deep house from the US Mid-West, whilst never being defined by its influence. Synths bubble to the surface, pads wash over the raw and funky drum track, and a looped vocal ties the whole piece together. ‘Madness’ treads a similar path, but with a slightly tougher vibe. The atmospheric, late-night mood is enhanced with reversed samples, lush chords and the occasional robotic voice. ‘Bac a Sable’ shakes things up with an unsettling rhythm that works its way into an infectious driving groove, accentuated by jarring synths. It feels specifically tailored to pushing that early morning crowd to the next level.

DES119 in the media

DJ: “Tensnake (Mirau) Quailty Deep House stuff as usual from Dessous, thank you. Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour) Track 3 and 4 for me. Thx. Noir (Noir Music) Super nice deep house EP. SHOW-B (Compost) I like madness and bac a sable… Echonomist (Dessous) Madness and Bac A Sable are really nice!!! Luciano Esse (Safari Electronique) Internal Affairs is really nice!! Owain K (Dessous) Another A1 EP! Egregius reminds me of mid-90s "love from san francisco" material - chapeau! Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama) Bac a Sable has got the perfect balance among groove, melody and kick. Love it. Florian Kruse (Liebe*Detail) Super cool release! Moodymanc (2020 Vision) Nice vibes as ever from Mr. Andrade. Louis Osbourne (Mina) Bad Ass Tracks!!! Internal affairs is totally on the money :) Samuel Bailey (BBC Radio 1) Wicked stuff! Stijn (DJBroadcast) Thank you for the music! I really enjoy the whole EP, but especially Egregius. great bass line, vocal snippets and a lovely drive throughout the whole song. thanks!!!! Benoit C (Tsugi) Madness for me. Bleed (De:bug) Considering for review. Hofer66 (Dub Ibiza) Deep grooves meet hypnotic atmospheres - nice trip into the early hours :) Tom Breu (WDR 1Live) Great tracks… Madness is my fave… Deron Delgado (Stompy) I love Andrade and I love this EP. Gets a rare 5-stars! Harry Avers (Noice!) Very nicely put together package with creative percussion programming. Nice! Mash (Capital FM) Lush deepness as usual! Love it and will be playing. DJ Root (KWSB) Infectious and bouncing. Paying tribute to the rockin' past without bowing down to it. Purely contemporary cuts of house that feel like music from warehouse days gone by. Great stuff. Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica) Full support!! Incredible package. Stephen Hernandez (Radio Phoenix) Dessous never disappoints!! Full support! Jason Pepperell (Juice FM) Internal Affairs for me ”

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