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UPC 827170140721 Rel Date 2 x 12″ 03.03.2014 Tracklist: 1. Blissfully Unaware 2. Survivors Of The Pulse ( Edit_Select + Dino_Sabatini ) 3. Receptor 4. Distant 5. Circling 6. Phlox Intro 7. Phlox 8. Downside 9. Bauer Reprise 10. The Passing Edit-Select is the project of Scottish DJ Tony Scott and one of the pioneers of deep driven hypnotic Techno. Already confirmed with tracks like Bauer on Ostgut Ton or his own label “Edit Select” Tony belongs to the best and most respected techno producers in the world. Nearly all of his techno tracks have been played and charted by all Techno DJ ?s. But that’s was not the reason to sign the album “Phlox". No, we really think the moniker Edit Select with all his passion for deep driven techno track is more than a perfect fit into our label philosophy. Tony ?s ability to design real hypnotic was already recognized from us for years now. So much the more we are extremely proud to present “Phlox” a extremely doped mixture between emotional ambient tracks and very effective sci-fi tricks tracks moving to hypnotic monsters for the dance floor. We see as well a new Bauer version, one of the best techno tracks ever in our opinion and last glad our mate Dino Sabatini has contributed on track “Survivors Of The Pulse” . Phlox will be available late February as vinyl version.

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