“Under Destruction”

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UPC: 827170 533769 Release Date: May 5, 2014 Tracklist: A1. Dama / 2. Summa Technologiae / 3. Vodolaz / B1. Sintezator / 2. Source Of Uncertainty 3. Kakavida / C1. Povreda / 2. Tok / 3. Teleport / D1. Melodia / 2. Tel / 3. Kokiche Biography: #3 Live Act of 2013 at Resident Advisor, one of the most in demand remixers around, a total of 156 gigs in 2013, releases for Rush Hour, Ovum, Macro; booked out months in advance from Berghain to Ibiza to the main electronic festivals … KiNK: Arguably the world of dance music has not witnessed anyone else rising so clearly from bottom to top just by the centrifugal force of sheer talent. Being based in Sofia, Bulgaria, without a support network, a campaign or any media hype, his music alone - live and in the studio - created a momentum whose end we have yet to see. Lenin said: “Communism is Soviet power + electrification of the whole country.” Hardly did Lenin suspect what an inspired take on these words could do: post-socialist techno. A child of 80’s late socialism, KiNK grew up on the home computers Bulgaria’s IT scientists had created by backwards-engineering Western technology. Fueled by nuclear energy on the edge of desaster, a whole generation of kids was trained to hack. Dance music gradually dripping in through early dial-up internet connections, the acoustic fingerprints of distant parties put Eastern producers from KiNK to Nina Kraviz to Vakula under a spell. Yet KiNK spent years of backwards-engineering the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and early Warp. Tweaking whatever software was available, he learned all the sideways possibilities of hacking into the sonics of analog classics with the beauty of digital degradation: alias noise, bit crush, noisy FFT grains - his one-of-a-kind results electrified dance floors all over the world ever since. Now, all the elements of KiNK’s live sets have been bundled like a laser beam in his debut album: “Under Destruction” was manufactured in the concrete t

MACROM38LP in the media

Soundwall (IT): “ Unique and gorgeous. Listening to KiNK is like entering a time-space portal between the walls of his studio. ”

Data Transmission (UK): “ The announcement that Bulgarian producer KiNK had a debut long player on the horizon was greeted with its fair share of excitement; an unfailingly distinct producer who mixes his rich, warm house sounds with the darker shades of techno. 'Under Destruction' became a much more experimental and somewhat cerebral exploration of the post-Soviet era dancefloor culture from which he’d emerged, than even KiNK might have expected. ”

XLR8R (USA): “KiNK has been wowing crowds with his gear-oriented live show for some time. ”

De:Bug (DE): “ It's not just killer tracks. This is more. The great, mythical, incredible KiNK. Rough, wild tracks. Very analog, full of inimitable killer grooves. ”

Deep House Amsterdam (NL): “ Any KiNK production is sure to demand your attention, making his sound one of Europe’s most unique and promising ones. ” (UK): “The ominously titled 'Under Destruction' is a product of solitary experimentation, late nights on the road and what KiNK has coined ‘Post-Socialist Techno.’ The music found in 'Under Destruction' is unexpected and daring – twelve tracks of experimental club trances enveloped in a cavern of minimalist noisescapes. The opening track, ‘Dama’, is distorted like a short-circuiting nursery rhyme while ‘Vodolaz’ is the soundtrack to a gently sleeping android's dream. This is music to disappear to. ”

Dixon (Innervisions): “ KiNK is king. Why? Amazing LP. ”

DJ Broadcast (NL): “Feature published in March 2014 issue. ”

DJ Mag (NL) F: “eature published in May 2014 issue. ”

FACT (UK): “ KiNK has been breathing new life into classic dance music forms for several years now, both in the studio and with his live set-up. ”

Groove (DE): “ This LP is more than a versatile achievement. Insanely wild, crazy and quirky sounds. Glitched quantum leaps, piano house silhouettes and dubbed-out bass moves unveil KiNK's heart. Music that's fed on the past, operates now, but most of all shines into the future. A phenomenal debut. ”

Mixmag (UK): “Multi-talented and highly-enigmatic KiNK is a producer very much at the top of his game. He's one of the most innovative producers around and his live shows always inspire serious amounts of energy within any crowd, conjuring up an element of wonder that's been long-forgotten in clubland. This is why KiNK is one of the most hyped artists at the moment. His remix of Rachel Row's 'Follow The Step' has shot him into the spotlight and his constantly evolving style combined with vast musical knowledge allow him to shock and surprise with every release. His debut album 'Under Deconstruction' is a highly unique and intelligent long player. It's mechanical, it's robotic, it sounds like a computer questioning its own existence on a human planet. Driving, menacing and super-wavy, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of KiNK. It's great. ”

RBMA (AT): “Busy, risky and pushing his tools to the limit. ”

Resident Advisor (UK): “ KiNK's performances are a middle finger to live dance music's naysayers. The Bulgarian house artist shows the broad possibilities of the form by playing his assorted setup with the skill of a seasoned musician. Strahil Velchev's style blends DJ tricks with keyboard and controller manipulation. He also likes to involve the crowd, encouraging dancers in the front row to smash out patterns on his Novation Launchpad. It's one of the reasons he's been a permanent fixture in our best live acts poll in recent years. ”

Rinse FM (UK): “The energy of KiNK's off-kilter, hard-hitting analogue sound truly shines through. ”

SPEX (DE): “Feature published in June 2014 issue. ”

Tages-Anzeiger (CH): “Feature coming up. ”

The Brag (AUS): “Under Destruction is driven by the same ethos that propels KiNK’s live sets, which have lead to being voted among RA’s top live acts in recent years. The 12-track outing packs plenty of his quirky, abstract punch throughout the album. ”

TRAX Magazine (FR): “Feature published in May 2014 issue + track on covermount CD.”

Tsugi (FR): “Proud representative of the Bulgarian electronic scene, KiNK's EPs and live sets so far have all been insane - and his first album nails it totally.”

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