Sable Sheep

“Vagabond From Hell”

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UPC: 4260148770821 Release : 16.06.2014 Tracklist 12″: A1. Fallen Lead Showers (VINYL ONLY) A2. Vagabond From Hell B1. Sobriety B2. Crown Short info: GERMAN HOT SHOT SABLE SHEEP IS NEXT UP ON THE FAMED DESOLAT X SERIES Bursting onto the seen in 2011 with releases on Moon Harbour, Be As One, and Defected Records sub-label DFTD, Sable Sheep has quickly positioned himself at the forefront of the new breed of electronic music producers. Hailing from Germany, Sable Sheep is one of the finest purveyors of dance-floor orientated underground sounds and it is with great pleasure that we see him release the Vagabond EP on the Desolat X series this May. ‘Fallen Lead Showers’ kicks off the EP with aplomb. Here Sable Sheep infuses a distinctive tech-infused psychedelic quality into the track from the beginning, which develops until a classic sample comes in alongside well-placed percussion flourishes which are sure to send the dancefloor into raptures. ‘Vagabond From Hell’ continues in a similar vein, energetic from the off, it features sharp percussion and deep elastic bass, with speckles off trippy sounds entering the fray. ‘Sobriety’ is another dance-floor orientated track underpinned by a driving beat while a meandering electronic synth, incessant hi-hats, mechanical sounds all combine with fantastic results. ‘Crown’ rounds off the EP in fine style with a slowly building bouncy beat, industrial bleep, showcasing a classy twisted house aesthetic. On the Vagabond EP, Sable Sheep has expertly demonstrated why he is one of the most sought after electronic music producers to emerge in the last few years. All four tracks are bursting with personality and he is a great addition to the Desolat family.

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