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UPC: 827170546264 RELEASE: 12.06.2014 Tracklist: 1 - BLUSJKETUTA - MASTER A2 - BLUSJKETUTA TROMMEVERSJON B2 - TRULTE SMULTPURKE B1 - HÆNN E MYE GRØVRE ENN ØSS First release on my brand new label “Rett I Fletta". Vinyl coming out shortly via Word And Sound Distribution. All exclusive stuff, none tracks found on my new album “III". Prins Thomas From previous conversations i know that Thomas mentioned this to be his “tekno” label. Which is ,listening to the first releases, not too far off the beaten track if, you allow the bonmont. Oslocope Version of pretty cool and sturdy basslined Boogie (rarther than Bluesy)Techno with a fantastic neanderthalistic ebb,flow and break scenerey, chunky, wonkly, wombaty and oh so tasty would also describe it perfectly well. our third mutual label after full pupp & internasjional. but that was then and that then is now to be said: i am Rett I Fletta ! Kai Fraeger

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