Idjut Boys

“World 1st Day”

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IDJUT BOYS started in early 90s, when House Music was heading for the bubbly, wild excitement, and they have always been active in an underground scene which has been drawing the line at the mainstream. Carrying on the tradition of House and Disco, they have ever played an important role in forming the House and Disco culture in UK, producing the intoxicating groove of Funk and Dub, which is the significant factor in House and Disco. They also have been supported and loved in Japan together with DJ HARVEY, even in the days when the scene of Club and Party was being reformed in 2000s, so to speak, Summer of Love “in Japan.” Their longawaited 7″ single is released from a label ALTZMUSICA, which is presided by ALTZ, who has made sworn friends with them since ALTZ’s tracks “Yello” and “Tune In” were remixed by them in 2005. This work is an Edit & Dub work based on guitars and basses performed by ANDY HOPKINS, who is like an associatemember of IDJUT BOYS. It has dance groove which consists in a psychedelic perspective which, as it were, reminds us of the primitive, fluid wriggle before dawn. The groove is also positive energy. A remix by ALTZ, “VERSION ALTZ,” on Bside is reconstructed in different dub work from the original, taking over the viewpoint of IDJUT BOYS. It is a version which has gained strength and experimental taste by more progressive editing and effecting. SORRY, NO SALES TO JAPAN!

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