Mike Parker

“Lustration Remixes By Edit Select, Casse” | “Svreca Remix”

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UPC 827170563766 Rel Date 12″ 15.09.2014 Tracklist: A1 - Mike Parker - Lustration Eleven (Sarychev) - (Edit Select Remix) B1 - Mike Parker - Lustration Three (Atlantic) - (Cassegrain Remix) B2 - Mike Parker - Lustration Three (Atlantic) - (Svreca Remix) Short info: Mike Parkers´s unique album “Lustration” is a extremely good base for killer remixes. After the amazing original tracks, well known and respected Remixers like Svreca, Edit Select, and Cassegrain have designed three complete new Lustrations and providing a complete dedicated attitude to the rhythmic, full of stomping and gyrating patterns of Mike´s album. We call it deepest ritual techno for the mind.

PRG037 in the media

DJ: “James Ruskin: Great set of mixes ...Thanks!!!! Marcel Fengler: Cassegrain remix is sick! Will play for sure! Thx Efdemin: nice trippy release! Joel Mull: The Edit Select Remix is definitely Hypnotizing me. Thank you for the Music. Terence Fixmer: Love all/ Oscar Mulero: Sarychev mix for me. will try. thx! Dustin Zahn: nice remix package! Real deep and mental stuff. Realistically, the one I'll get the opportunity to play the most is the Edit Select version. thanks! Electric Indigo: very useful release, thank you! Jonas Kopp: Svreca remix!!! thanks. ”

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