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UPC: 827170561069 RELEASE: 15.9..2014 Tracklist: A. Kristina , B. Hoppsa Ichisan is Slovenian Igor Skafar, and Igor´s Trademark Sound is heavenly electronic blissed spaced out house with a sick amount of grooves layerd in. Fab earlier releases on the grand Airtight and Unter the Shade labels tell musical tales of this. And so it went that Hoppsa fascinatd us yet againy with it´s mesmerizing 80´s synth hook that you want to simply lock in and play away all day and night… while Kristina is an unmistakably Philly Affair with an edge, and edge, that means deep depth and a serious build between the woobly - and that is what we like! not being able to decide which one to favour, eventually, we released both. here´s to YOU! kai & thomas, sept 2014

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