“Immanent Ep”

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UPC: 827170455689 Release : 13.10.2014 Tracklist A1. BZA A2. Sediments Shortinfo: Welcome to Another Picture. After two decades of releasing music and much longer time being involved with music and production Losoul introduces a series of fine yet outstanding pieces of music. Being based on classic sound production this release opens a space for a wide range of musical exposure. You know the high times - you know low life. You can’t deny both ways can’t really exist without each other. There is the raw energy of ‘BZA’ consisting of rolling beats and basslines with sounds from the acidic realm being presented to the restless dancefloors by true originators’ poetry. Believe that. This is counterparted by ‘Sediments’, a jam from nowhere else but the deep. Down here many things you might have taken for being lost remain in the abstract vibe and the groove. It’s all in there. Let’s go full circle.

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