Akiko Kiyama


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Tracklist A1. My Day A2. Erasers Talk B1. Gabriel B2. Go For A Walk C1. Nothing’s Left Besides Iron And Chef C2. The World Is Pinocchio D1. Whereabouts D2. Sleepyhead D3. Der Wald Erzählt Geschichte The new album by Akiko Kiyama. The story of “Deviation” begins with “My Day” and “Erasers Talk” a classical show for Akiko; with deep and enveloped base; ideally accurate percussions on the trippy background of strings covered with the fog of delays and reverbs. Straight after that appears “Gabriel” - a touching minimalistic allegory on tango with the shivering fans of shakers and the polyphonic accords of an invisible piano. The second record plate includes “Nothing’s Left Besides Iron And Chef” - a bouncing construction of ragged rhythms and crunchy hi-hats. It is also an interpretation of the track “You Are Pinocchio", which was released on Nervmusic Records previously with the single “If I Had a Pair of Shoes” powered by such remixers as Benjamin Fehr, Alka Rex, Laurine Frost and Alexkid.

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