Quenum & Cesare Vs Disorder

“Different Samba, Butane Rmx” | “Loquace Rmx”

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UPC: 827170573666 Rel date 1.12.2014 Tracklist EP: a1 Different Samba a2 Two Floors UpPhatty Boy b1 Different Samba ( Loquace Remix) b2 phatty boy Short info: “Our mission is to move people and our satisfaction comes from enjoying ourselves through music. Without music we would not be here” is the mission statement of brand new Barcelona-based record label Yakazi Records. Through the label, they intend to “draw from the expressive universe that flows through various melodic and rhythmic scenarios, in which good taste prevails over fads and trends.” With a solid vision for the direction of the label’s sound in place, the inaugural release pairs together two veteran producers, Phillippe Quenum (founder of Cadenza with Luciano) and Cesare vs Disorder . The brand new EP titled ‘Different Samba’ features two originals backed up by superlative-defying remixes from upcoming young French producer Loquace and old-hand and Alphahouse/ Little Helpers boss, Butane. The genesis for the collaboration came into being during the jamming and production period which ultimately led to Quenum´s first solo album, released on Cesare’s label Serialism. Both producers come highly qualified in the electronic music game with Quenum being behind one of Resident Advisor’s top voted, essential tracks of the last decade, ‘Orange Mistake’ - the first ever release on Cadenza. The EP itself is a perfect combination of the deep, down, dubby and percussive sound unique to both producers. Tracks which are skilfully crafted, perfectly arranged and superbly executed come naturally to the pair when not working in combination, but together they show that they’re even more of potent force.

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