“Tahanah Habahah”

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UPC: 827170560161 Release : 16.01.2015 Special Remarks: Comes with limited edition poster print Tracklist: A. Tahanah Habahah B. Prinzenengel Short info: The new CTF is here! With artwork shit and balearic Bromance sounds. “Prinzenengel” is alcoholic late 70s electro Schnulzensound from the dusted juke box which is fed with D-Marks by trannies and queens in a Kreuzberg watering hole…the other “Tahanah Habahah” is for your dancefloor happiness moments. Really ill. Available on 45RPM Vinyl including limited edition artwork poster print.

CTF005 in the media

DJ: “TIM SWEENEY “Beautiful record!” PRINS THOMAS “They both sound lovely!" BARNT “Amazing. Playing the B-Side.” RUNE LINDBAEK "Danke für die balearic! :)” ”

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