Timothy Blake

“Squiggles Ep, The Mole Remix”

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Tracklist: A1. Squiggles A2. Like U Want Me 2 B1. Squiggles (The Mole remix) Shortinfo: Following 2013’s fantastical ‘Heat Crime’, Tim further explores his unique take on house music with two original tracks which make stylistic nods to the past but lead us elatedly to a place of uncommon and personal vision. On the A side we have ‘Squiggles’, a late night piece of tentacled whimsy. A joyful frolic in a fishy stream under the stars and in the Japanese garden of your soul. ‘Like U Want Me 2′ is a missive from yearning loins to a beloved recipient, “whilst we’re both on earth in these fleshy suits". An unminced declaration of desire from one luminous blue erotic body to another. On the B side we found just the creature to flip Tim’s script and deliver a singular rework. The Mole burrows further than we ever expected, dragging ‘Squiggles’ into unexplored territory deep within his underground tunnel network and having his way with it for the length of a short film. Timothy Blake is an Irish born electronic musician based in Berlin. After some years building up his studio and knowledge in the early to mid 90s, Tim began attempting to emulate the prevalent disco sounds of late 90s dance music, inadvertently developing his own sound. Later absorbing the atmospheric and stylistic influence of filmmakers such as Robert Altman, Nicolas Roeg and Brian de Palma, Tim felt inspired to make music reflecting similar moods and themes. By the mid 2000s Tim was a regular feature on Dublin’s live music and DJ circuit. Following projects that didn’t come to fruition with early influences Derrick May and Mad Mike Banks, he beat a retreat from the clubbing scene and concentrated on his compositions. However a later move to Berlin has seen Tim find a voice with releases on Kleine Reise Records, Dirt Crew, Fatty Fatty Phonographics and Lectric Sands NY.

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