“Disco Engine, Incl Dub Version”

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LabelStartreeCat. No.STARTREE002
FormatEXCL12"JOrders fromMon, 23 Feb 2015
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TRACKLIST: A) “DISCO ENGINE” B) “DISCO ENGINE (4-STROKE DUB) Info: Imagined as a sharp contrast and complement to Funn City’s trashy vintage vibes, Darshan Jesrani’s new Cylinder moniker sets out to explore the more streamlined, forward-facing side of Startree’s vision, while sacrificing none of the warmth or funk of its classic influences. “Disco Engine” is a futuristic joyride which draws upon late 80s and early 90s techno vibes as much as it does disco and R&B to produce a groove which is warmly insistent, buoyant, sexy and a little menacing. Ruthless, detuned 808 toms and a punchy, round analog bass synth provide a floor you can push the gas pedal to. A greasy, giddy synth rhythm holds the middle down like a session guitarist when rent is due, and ecstatic choral synth pads and vocals by Chelsea Adewunmi soar just above the horizon. Underground dance music with the top way down. Side B’s “4-Stroke Dub” works a more DJ-oriented angle around that 808 and juxtaposes parts which do not play together in the original, creating a track which is subtly driving and every bit as engaging. The gorgeous, understated vocal refrain in the middle is a destination you will have been happy to go the extra distance to reach. Startree is happy to present its second release as a continuing statement of its musical intentions and its simple desire for all to have a really good time.

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