“Holding You, Noze Remix”

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UPC/EAN: 827170553163 Tracklist: A1 – Holding You A2 – Holding You (Nôze Remix) Short info: Nôze have never been ones to rest on their laurels, and since they first came to fruition Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes have travelled far and wide with their well-fermented tales of romance and surrealism. Over the ten years they have been active, their sound has blossomed from the twitchy minimalisms of their debut album Craft Sounds And Voices through to the red-blooded, multi-instrumental passion of Songs On The Rocks and onwards. Ahead of their fifth LP Come With Us being released on Circus Company in April 2015, Nôze are announcing their return with this single that hints towards the direction they have taken on the latest chapter in their meandering story. A melancholy seduction lingers over “Holding You”, steeped in the warmth of synth pop with its flamboyant tones while maintaining the tightly wound funk Noze have made their own. Meanwhile Nico is stepping even further into his role as the duo’s resident crooner with his strained call for ‘physical love’ in a smooth symbiosis with the sultry atmosphere of the production. The B-side features an alternative version of “Holding You” that brings Nôze’s dancefloor roots to the fore and dubs the track out into a taut, Detroit-infused workout, while remaining true to the allure of the original. It’s a move that will be repeated for the album release of Come With Us, as Nico and Eze offer up a bonus disc of alternative club versions of all the new tracks. Holding You is a tantalising taste of the welcome return of Nôze to these shores, with the album promising to show yet another dimension to these restless mavericks, whose history is so intrinsically linked with that of Circus Company.

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