Douglas Greed & Mooryc


FREUDE69 scanZoom inLabelFreude Am Tanzen
Cat. No.FREUDE69
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After the flirtation: Driven, Summerless and Fake on BPitch strolls Douglass Greed with a new disc and ammo of happiness out of Jena and into the world. The Spark/Noisy EP beams with four inebriated tracks on the FAT horizon. For this adventure young Dougi brought a few buddies to shake the beat tree free. The magic of the union sizzles when Mooryc, Schlepp Geist, Affkt, Chris Manura and Remood strap the drums on to the moped and chase the wind. Techno and house stretched right over its boundaries. A candy storm of elegant blows and snares in the right places. Melodies without the use of sandpaper yet still smoothly polished, bestow a view into the varied ‚Sound-universe’ when Douglas Greed sparks sounds – releasing endorphins in the bloodstream.

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