Dj Cam

“Miami Vice”

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Tracklisting : 1) Crockett’s theme 2) In the air tonight feat Earl Davis 3) Music to drive by feat Mc Eiht 4) Move that dope 5) Love theme 6) Thubbs theme 7) The chase 8) Inside the strip club 9) Street Life feat Mc Eiht 10) A dangerous method 11) End title 12) Welcome to Little Haiti 13) Weather underground 14) On Ocean Drive Music is nothing if it can’t help you bring your dreams to life, and DJ Cam has just made one of his biggest dreams come true - composing a soundtrack to Miami Vice. Cam’s Miami Vice is fourteen visual tracks, an imaginary score that positions itself as the ‘official’ soundtrack just as Hollywood is preparing to film a reboot, following the first movie adaptation in 2005 by the series’ original producer - and now cult director - Michael Mann. “My album is definitely a proposition for them! When I was living in Los Angeles, I met a guy who worked with Michael Mann and he encouraged me to do the project. He understood that it was homage from a real fan… Apart from that, I’d really like people to listen to the album and search out the film. I want them to ask themselves if it really is the soundtrack to a movie…” Miami Vice definitely puts the ‘camera’ back in Cam, making him the first-person view for our cinematic cortex Although strictly unofficial and a pure product of his cinematic mind, this original soundtrack is intrinsically linked to the legendary series: as a feature-length album, a collection of cinematic sequences, his Miami Vice strongly evokes Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs and their investigations set in the sordid underworld of Florida’s jetset. Cam shines a spotlight on the two inspectors from the Miami-Dade vice squad as they infiltrate Colombian cocaine smugglers and face dangerous criminals like those seen in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, the infamous traffickers of the 1980s… Inspired by the seemingly idyllic combination of sun, palm trees, and gleami

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