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EAN: 827170553668 Tracklist: A1 - Addictive A2 – Trans Trans Trans B1 – The Scene (feat. Mechanical Soul Brother) B2 - Llife Short info: After Carlos Nilmmns enthralled us with his expressive True Chemistry EP, Circus Company is delighted to welcome a new character into the fold in the form of fast-rising German artist Borrowed Identity. Based in the Southern town of Freiburg im Breisgau, in just a few years he has already released scores of singles for labels as respected as Quintessentials, Fina, Home Taping Is Killing Music and Mistress. The Borrowed Identity sound is direct and uncomplicated, using classic house and techno styles and applying them to dynamic arrangements that showcase a confident set of studio skills and a deep understanding of what excites the expectant dancer. Across the four tracks on the XXX EP, the perfect balance is struck between powerful rhythmic commands and psychoactive decoration, combining everything needed for a memorable club cut. “Adictive” leaps out at the listener thanks to the sweeping piano hook and subby bassline, while “Trans Trans Trans” brings a purposefully old-school feeling with its stark square wave synth lines and sleazy vocal groans. Regular Borrowed Identity collaborator Mechanical Soul Brother lends a hand to “The Scene”, which piles on the late night tension with its tightly wound chord stabs and rolling drums, before “Life” showcases a more eclectic side to our latest signing thanks to a bongo-infused percussive throwdown and an uplifting dose of acid. Every one of these tracks brims with infectious energy, channeling the traditions of peak-time house and techno into a thoroughly modern approach that celebrates the instant gratification of a kick-ass dancefloor weapon, without compromising on that all-important soul.

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