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Tracklisting: A. Introspectral B1. Introspectral (Dub) B2. Centrifuge Info: After running Dennis Ferrer’s Objektivity imprint, touring on the international DJ circuit and building an impressive portfolio of remixing credits and collaborative releases over many years, André Hommen is now spreading his wings as a fully-fledged artist. ‘Introspectral’, his third solo release, showcases a producer who has fine-tuned his talents over a long period of time and - as the portmanteau title suggests - both reflected intensely and explored a broad spectrum of sounds. The aquatic bass pulses of the title track, topped with cycling loops, surging drones and melancholy chords, paves the way for a dancing riff that will surely have hands reaching for the air. With its textbook builds and sweeping dynamics, it’s an impeccably rendered and dazzlingly hypnotic groove. On the more introspective, bass-heavy Dub, Hommen weaves a web of gritty arpeggios and chiming synths whose intricacy is unveiled in a long, beatless breakdown. Last up, the writhing sub bass and Morse code pings of ‘Centrifuge’ cast an air of Hitchcockian menace: prelude to a crescendo of bright synths and blinding light as the machine revs up to maximum velocity.

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