Stefan Goldmann

“Anchors Ep”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM44
FormatEXCL12"IOrders fromFri, 18 Sep 2015
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Tracklist: A: Fossil Water B1: Nephelin´B2: De-Gauss Release info: Techno exists in a distorted field. What is wrong elsewhere is right here. What shouldn’t work works. Awake at night and asleep by day. Rough is beautiful, slick is rotten. With Macro, things are always a bit more wrong than usual. And that’s how they also end up being a bit more beautiful than usual. Stefan Goldmann’s “Fossil Water”: Fender bass tones weave a pad, from the thumping bottom up to the silky top, congregating into intense moments of dance floor bliss. The B-side throws us in at the deep end, with the tense yet laid back workout of “Nephelin”, tipping over into the sheer techno claustrophobia of “De-Gauss.” Dark and warm like a Stockholm syndrome: feeling cozy while the horror comes upon you.

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