“Never There Ep”

S4AW005 scanZoom inLabelSmile For A While
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Janis is one hell of a Frankfurter. Born and raised that is. His bold imprint ‘House is OK’, being run with two friends was started 1 year before ’smile for a while’, so there was surely some kind of inspiration coming from that end. The S4AW guys kind of adopted the sound maniac and gave him a cozy little music studio together with all the other smiling madmen. There he sweated blood & tears onto his Prophet 600, the Moogs, the Rolands and all the other vintage music boxes. The outcome is an amazing wall of House sound, crazy in the details, epic in dancefloor quality. ‘Never there’ was sung by good friend Anshie from Croatia who dropped by for a little one-to-one chamber choir session. To make things short: A real summer bummer! The remix coming from Johannes Albert takes things a little deeper with a sublime sub bass and dry percussions like the Frank Music honcho is known for. ‘F FM House’ is kind of a homage to FM syntzhesizers, like a 4 a.m. dancefloor killer reprise version of the original. ‘Sloan Great Wall’ then finishes off at the early morning stomping grounds. Piano chords to the maxxx plus lots of sound FX and devastating beats.

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