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Tracklist : 1. Colour Pulp 2. Trouble 3. Geneve Never Sleeps Infotext: Welcome back Mr. Quenum! It’s been roughly two years now since the Geneve-based artist, DJ and producer released made his Upon.You debut with his single “Rhyme” in summer 2013 and we’re extremely thrilled to see his forthcoming three track 12″ “Trouble” causing serious dancefloor trouble again this fall. Getting started with “Colour Pulp” there’s no doubt that Quenum is in for some serious action here, fusing an uncomprising, yet minimalistic, hard pumping TechHouse foundation, well-tripping vocal bits and a highly percussive killer build-up sequence this tune is crafted for late nothing but late night abuse. The title track “Trouble” also relies on Quenum’s rolling trademark minimalism and obscured, morphing ethereal voices but adds a little bit of tribal seasoning here and there that perfectly floats alongside quirky synths and a steamy, fever’ish feel that keeps bodies pumping and palpitating through the night until the morning comes. Functional as functionality can get. Finally “Geneve Never Sleeps” speeds up things on a darker, more technoid level where a dark’ish intro built from muffled bassdrums meets scattered, futuristic percussions before shrieking stabs and scarce, ghostly sounds take over and the unstoppable Techno engine starts to run. Proper machine music that is nothing but pure energy!

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