Michal Ho Feat. Lil' Dirrty

“Truly Alien Ep”

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Tracklist A.Trudge B1. Truly Alien feat Lil’ Dirrty B1. Black Hole feat. Lil’ Dirrty Shortinfo: From the mouth of Lil’ Dirrty We heard y’all thought TuningSpork was dead? Wassup with that? I’m here to say like a phoenix we rose from the ashes, and here’s the reason… Lil’ Dirrty and Michal Ho don’ give a what about yo hedonistic freak-ons where you be sniffin’ whatever you find, naw…..To us y’all is just a bunch of harmless babies looking for a mommi. This is a techno record about propaganda and the politics of fear - you got that? This is music AGAINST war. This record is like a weapon of the mind and body. It resonates frequencies right down the barrel of yo guns and renders them useless in times of war. It heals the indoctrinated minds and guides them to a place free of PTSD. Join us on a journey of peace through beats and spoken word - then see for yourself, is it true? Or just more bullshit propaganda… Oh, and btw. fuck Contexterrior for now, this is a TuningSpork Record - plain and simple. See y’all on the block. Signed, Lil’ Dirrty, Zürich Langstrasse 2015. P.S. Remember to choose love over fear and never become a slave to any train of thought. Question everything and everyone ALWAYS. We live in a confused world where only love and music is gonna make a difference y’all. Let’s open our eyes together! One last thing, I’m off alcohol on step 10 and have a 5 year coin in my pocket.

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