Pharaon De Winter

“Pharaon De Winterr (cd)”

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CD Territory : World Ex France Tracklist: 1 - TOCSIN / 2 - VUE SUR LE CAIRE / 3 - ULTRAMARINE / 4 - DISTANT TREES / 5 - LE FUTUR / 6 - TON CŒUR / 7 - POINTILLISME / 8 - LES YEUX / 9 - PADDY/ 10 - PHARAON DEWINTER “Love will remember Pharaon de Winter", it says at the very end of this record. Pharaon de Winter was a relatively unsuccessful painter from Northern France. Today it’s the name of a band, but also the name of the song that changed its author’s life. The ex-leader of the bands Toy Fight and (Please) Don’t Blame Mexico - the E.Ps First Aid and Michel Foucault, and the album Concorde, in 2011, with the hit song ‘The Protocol’ - Maxime Chamoux’s musical style could be placed somewhere between North-American rock, Spoon, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Prefab Spout and XTC’s sophisticated Brit-pop. Then, he decided to cut his ties loose: “I was starting to get bored of indie rock and wanted something different", he explains. “I wanted to sing in French. I wanted to use more beautiful chords. For several months, I searched for a new shape and colour to give to these new songs. And one day, I had a kind of revelation. It was called Pharaon de Winter. From that day on, all the music I loved came together in a particular weave". Now the record is here and features ten songs naturally uniting influences ranging from the popular to the edgy: William Sheller’s precise writing, Lucio Battisti’s warmth, Steely Dan’s refined groove, Arthur Russell’s sense of adventure, Véronique Sanson’s feel for melody. The songs travel from French - mainly - to English - a few. “Love will remember Pharaon de Winter", it says. Love isn’t the only one.

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