Oliver Huntemann

“Pech & Schwefel, Schwarzlicht & Filmriss”

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180g Vinyl Tracklist 12″: A1. Pech A2. Schwefel B1. Schwarzlicht B2. Filmriss Info: Oliver Huntemann always delivers - especially on his own Senso imprint. After two decades at the forefront of the European scene, to see his name on a record guarantees deeply accomplished techno - direct yet sophisticated, brutal yet refined, physical yet cerebral. After a string of impressive digital releases, the four tunes collected here more than merit an appearance on vinyl. ‘Pech’ is a masterclass in the selection and combination of tone and texture. Elements unfold and flower organically - including a sustained and deliciously pitch-bent bass tone - as the tune reaches its climax of dancing synths. ‘Schwefel’ takes a voyage into more eerie territory, full of echo and distant music-box pings that are finally subsumed by gritty synth repetitions. The airy feel of ‘Schwarzlicht’ with its simple kick-less beat and textured woodblocks gives way to an imposing, thorax-rattling low end. Precision-engineered for a massive system, the pitch-bent bass twists like a contortionist, while piercing stabs pulse and ping. Last up, the slamming kick and buzzing repetitions of ‘Filmriss’ create a dark, edgy vibe. A pitched-up pulse - as if a string is being slowly tightened to breaking point - makes way for a truly monstrous and memorable sub bass.

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