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Tracklist: A1. Wokules Walzer A2. Firletanz A3. Bassas A4. (the beautiful world of) Larry Farrey A5. Morning Glory B1. Drommeldar B2. Gobold´s Riddle B3. Mars Mellow B4. Life One B5. Pool Info: With their second longplayer ?Meanderlust?, Randweg undertake a trip along melodic fields and rhythmic turns. The songs sound self-willed yet catchy: they are feel-good-music with an experimental core. With unusual instrumentation (clarinet, guitar, bass, cajon, computers) and unique style, Randweg treads a previously untrodden path: “A detailed one, sensitive, gentle and scratchy, one that you would like to go more often now.” (De: Bug). The duo breaks with any expectations one could have given the instruments collected here, and the clarinet playing “has nothing to do with the usual clichés one may associate with this in itself innocent and lovable instrument. On the contrary, it?s sounds remind us a lot more of our well-loved vintage analog synthesizers. “(Groove) Andreas Ernst plays the clarinet since he was 12 years old. The way he puts his instrument to use is exceptional: the clarinet serves more as a natural oscillator, whose vibrations are alienated with effects and transferred to a different world of sound. A woodwind instrument as a controller for soundtransducers, filters and delay. Andreas distinctive playing style can also be found in tracks by Ripperton, Ellen Allien and Der Dritte Raum. David Baurmann forms the musical counterpart on bass and guitar and enriches Randwegs electronic beats with cajon. Firmly anchored in Aachen’s electronic music scene as a DJ, here he is a multi-instrumentalist, to whom the duo owes their peculiar band-like sound. It’s a stroke of luck the two met 2007 in Berlin. Together they are Randweg. The reimplementation of the pieces on their debut album Equisetales (2013) aroused Andi and Davids appetite to perform live. With its four instruments, the duo not only revamped the sound of the first album, in this very interaction

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PRESS: “Lowdown: Their second album „Meanderlust“ (on Funken) will hit the stores this Friday and will be another genre breaker. oder kurz: another genre braker oder: (Randweg) fuses electronica with the sound of the clarinet, that often sounds more elctronic than you would ever expect, doing a flirt with the dancefloor. westzeit: 10 leuchtende Perlen instrumentaler Schönheit Blu/Hinnerk: Wahrlich womöglich eines der besten „Elektro“-Chill-out-Werke 2016. Freshguide: Wohlfühlmusik mit experimentellem Kern Groove: Das Duo (verfolgt) einen kammermusikalischen Ansatz - irgendwo zwischen Elektrinik, zeitgenössischem Jazz und Postrock. oder Kraut? Post-Rock? Freundlichkeits-Psychedelik? Alles ein bisschen, vor allem aber Randweg. ”

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