A Sagittariun

“Elasticity (2lp Album)”

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Tracklist 2LP A1. Architect Of Your Existence A2. Slowdive A3. Transmission from Terrence B1. Apokalypsis B2. The Naming Of The Names B3. Blim Burn B4. Transmission from Alan C1. Composition ? C2. Black Starliner C3. Transmission from Robert D1. Chapter & Verse D2. Resurrection Of A Memory D3. Transmission from Jesse Short info: Ambient techno exponent, A Sagittariun, fires off another full-length album transmission this April on his own Elastic Dreams label. ‘Elasticity’ is the Bristol based artist’s second long player, and the follow up to his acclaimed 2013 debut, ‘Dream Ritual’. Having last released a trio of singles in early 2015 (for Hypercolour, Secret Sundaze and Elastic Dreams), ‘Elasticity’ marks a return for A Sagittariun, and fans of the slippery and elastic sounds that hallmarked his debut album will not be disappointed. ‘Dream Ritual’ helped firmly establish A Sagittariun as an artist whose musical chops and integrity operate largely outside of the mainstream and a producer who chooses to put the music firmly center stage, whilst opting to remain relatively anonymous within the music scene. A Sagittariun explains; “Elasticity was recorded over quite a short period, but the sketches and ideas have been germinating for some time, so sonically it’s very coherent and consistent and moves in a way that I personally like albums to move in, with a narrative and flow that holds you right to the end. The recipe for Elasticity was always to be malleable and pliable with the sounds and tempos; for me it’s all about the listening experience, and creating a landscape and a world within that one can really get deep into and explore, it’s optimistic and progressive music for the head, heart and feet. I really do advise the listener to don headphones and take the trip with me". Over the album’s 11 tracks, and a supporting cast of ‘transmissions’ from the likes of Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence McKenna, ‘Elasticity’ delves into a myriad of

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