Healing Force Project

“Trnashumanism Ep”

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“Transhumanism EP” is a combination of ethereal and angular sounds, but with many points of reference concatenated between them. Starting from the Side A, if “Methodical Ear” has as its base, a rhythm with an incipit house, but with edgy sounds always in progress, “Shadow Manipulation of Mind” looks at an utopian techno, together a dense and obsessive hypnotic groove. Instead, in the B-side, “Synapsi Sonora", presents a classical structure, but with kick and snare somewhat in the foreground, with low, evolving, sick and stifling pads in their concept of low-fi timbal. “State of Induced Hibernation” is an alien traces in his gait … Metal Percussion and sharp synth, make a song to say the least harsh and unwilling to be defined and confined to specific genres, as in the complex is all this project for Ambiwa Records.

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