“Spc Y”

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12″ with full cover Tracklist: A1. Flares A2. Sprites B . Grids I B2. Grids II Info: Turning into the home stretch, Figure hands the penultimate release of its SPC-series to an anonymous yet auspicious talent.On his first output under the UBX127 guise, the producer reveals his wares, combining classic bleep techno with just the right dose of acid. The four driving tracks thrive on their distinct synth-modulations, each scurrying atop a firm groundwork of brooding basses. Apparent analogue sequencing pervades the whole EP, infusing it with a feeling of constant motion and liveliness. While SPC Y as a whole comes clearly primed for the floor, UBX127 is keen to develop on the theme. Be it on the stridently discordant but sizzling Flares or the swirling Sprites with its flickering and twinkling atmospheric chaff. The attention to fine sonic detail also extends to the record’s flipside, providing for two more compositions of fleet-footed synth arpeggios and culminates in the epic space voyage of Grids II. Crafty, refined and irresistibly moving, this record is sure to be stirring up dancers around the globe.

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