Jay Haze & Kaan Bulak

“1840 Ep”

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Tracklist: 1 1840 , 2. Ottoman Pipes, 3. Four Kings The opening A side track ‘’1840′’ (feat. Contrapunct) is the result of taking a violin built by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume in the year 1840, played by our in-house virtuoso now known as Contrapunct and making a sample kit / sound kit with it Yes, this means all the sounds you hear on this song are sourced from an old and beautiful violin. Using original recordings combined with different manipulation techniques, the trio deliver to the plate over 12 minutes of intensity. One can explain it like this perhaps……….. You are high in the blue sky walking a high wire over an ocean of beautiful coral reef, still maintaining balance, but looking down at the view beneath and thinking- “if i got to go- there cannot be much better ways!

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