Joseph Capriati & Adam Beyer

“Redimension 001”

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Tracklist : A1. Parallels B1. External Links Info: Joseph Capriati is set to launch his brand new Record Label REDIMENSION whose debut release is a collaboration with his friend and key figure in his career Adam Beyer. This challenging project sees Joseph artistically committed to releasing great electronic music from Artists he holds in high esteem, be they close friends or emerging talents. His friendship with Adam Beyer started a long time ago and Capriati soon became an established artist for Drumcode, releasing his second full length album, ‘Self Portrait’ with the label. A relationship that was reinforced over time and significantly resulted in several legendary B2B performances in venues such as Berghain and Monegros to name just a few. Adam and Joseph worked side by side in Adam’s hometown Stockholm, where the two could spend a great time in the Studio giving birth to these two state of the art tracks. Both of which have been highlight moments of their recent and copious DJ sets across the Globe. The artwork is part of a tryptich that explores the dynamism of the movement of horses. It’s hand painted using the ‘tachism” technique, which involves the use of dabs or splotches of colour, similar in aims to abstract expressionism. The record is available on vinyl for the addicted, and digital formats to ensure everyone can play them. Art direction and graphic design: Roberto Rosolin. Illustration: Luca Zamoc

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