Steve Bug Presents

“Loophotel 1+2”

HOTEL12 scanZoom inLabelLoop Hotel
Cat. No.HOTEL12
Orders fromFri, 27 May 2016
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Tracklist: A. Room 101 B. Room 102 C. Room 201 D. Room 202 Info: Special off-season offer for Steve Bug’s project ‚Loop Hotel’ - two records for the price of one. Come and spend a night at the Loop Hotel…! Its a one-of-a-kind international spot where quality, infectious house and techhouse music is piped into every room. Based on the concept of a two track partnership, a solid state jacking groove is introduced, building up a musical statement with a combination of rich analogue equipment to create the vibe. The partner track then, removes all the previously explored musical elements, keeping the beats intact, and builds a new track again from the foundations up. Room 101 is a tooly, playful house jam, whose strong opening beats provide the basis for a stylish array of synth themes, classic house organs and tweaked out acidic stabs to unfold. Keeping the beats then, of course, Room 102 takes things down a darker route, with a more reduced family of elements describing a heady, even more acidic late night moment. ‚Room 201′ is a slow building, acidic workout in the very highest order of the phrase. Evolving from a solid and raw groove, a trippy, electronic chorus of addictive synthlines, squelching 303s and heavy metallic bass tones ensues. ‚Room 202′ strips down the vibe to the basics, this slightly more stripped jam focuses on a driving bass synth line that combines with more sinister acid action to form a darker, more deviant journey. Each track complements its brother remarkably well, and becomes engaging to hear how the emotions, flow and vibe are changed, while maintaining the same functional percussive elements in both tracks. Watch out for this new series of releases, that explores the endless possibilities of hidden grooves locked inside the mind of their producer… ready to be expressed on vinyl! Welcome to Loop Hotel.

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