“Nuf, Christian Burkhardt Remi”

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LabelFunCat. No.FUN003
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Tracklist: A1. nuF (Original) / B1. nuF (Christian Burkhardt Remix) / B1. Blup (Original) Shortinfo: Fun Record’s third reference is bound to fly well over the rushes of those trying to find the sounds that should stay fresh until the season’s end. And beyond. Barem’s new EP emerges from a kompass aiming to its perfect and dainty studio timeless beats and to Christian Burkhardt’s bombshell, the first remix hosted by Fun since its launch in August 2015. The argentinian artist has pushed his studio’s equipment to reach and outline the sound hues that define his label’s personality joining the vibes of its two first releases. The first reference was produced by the two founders: Barem and Alexis Cabrera. Alexis Cabrera produced the second release and now, as a way of giving this first year’s cercle a complete sense, Barem launches this unique third EP. From now on, expect more and exciting new names! “Fun 003 spreads a sound at once whimsical and rough that warms house minimalism and reaches its core naturally. An energetic analog tale, looping, electrifying and absorbing that impacts the dance floor and takes it to its most playful expression” Blup bursts forth from the first second and keeps its magnetizing pitter-patter until the very last beat. Barem has extended his obsession for creating unique and tremendously sticky bass kicks to a complex vision of percussion. The puzzle is daring but massively rewarding: it flows perfectly, whether you play it when a set kicks off or when it nears its end, and it shines both at a sunset open air party or in a dark, blurry club. nuF appears like a sleight of hand glancing off your ears and conquering, again, the smartest side of a funny rhythm. Christian Burkhardt remixes nuF as a fun ace and clears the way for further and awaited contributions to Fun Records forthcoming releases. “Life is more fun if you play games.” ? Roald Dahl

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