Liebe * Detail

Newsflash: The Liebe*Detail clubtour

02.12. Golden Pudel / Hamburg

julius steinhoff (smallville)

About the label

lliebe*detail intends to express the love (german: liebe) to the dancefloor as well as the love to detailed and deep clubmusic with its name. Meta.83 and Eurokai, the guys behind the Hamburg based label, couldn’t have found a name more apt for their venture, as it hints at the art of omission and thus at the label’s philosophy. With this in mind, liebe*detail does not so much refer to minimalism, as it rather claims the right amount of balance with each of its seven releases: Everything should be exactly as it is. Not more, but definitely not less, either. In so doing, the label managed successfully not to be monopolized by trends and hypes. Instead, liebe*detail succeeded in putting up a platform catering for numerous facets electronic dance music has to offer. Along the way, the label also promotes up and coming talents since its first release, as it is their concept to couple newcomers and more established artists on split 12“es. With all the attention now being brought to the label, it seems as if liebe*detail´s fresh concept of doing it all differently really starts to pay. There’s still hope. Through attention to detail!

The artists


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nick_hoeppner.jpg Nick Höppner


paulo_olarte.jpgPaulo Olarte

moved.jpg Move D


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