The highly successful Poker Flat label continues to release hit after hit with it’s main player Steve Bug finally getting the worldwide recognition he deserves.

Label story

sbug.jpgPoker Flat Recordings was founded in 1999 by Steve Bug who already started his first imprint „Raw Elements“ three years before and some of the latest developments have been shifted to the new label. Poker Flat was now set to explore and define the genre of Minimal House in all it‘s varieties. The young label scored a massive world wide clubhit already with the first release: Steve Bug‘s „Double Action“-12“ (pfr01, including „Loverboy“).

Around the same time Steve Bug‘s reputation as an exceptionally gifted DJ and music connaisseur grew rapidly and earned him prominent DJ sets all around the world and was recently underpinned with Steve‘s first DJ-mix CD „The Flow“ on Cocoon.

martini.jpgLater the year in 1999 Steve moved to Berlin to fully focus on the A&R for Poker Flat whilst the office remains in Hamburg. Berlin turned out to be a quite fruitful playground for Poker Flat as the young label picked up acts like „Intim“-label owner Martin Landsky and the exceptional duo Märtini Brös. (aka Clé and Mike Vamp).

The first Poker Flat-12-inches from Märtini Brös, Hakan Lidbo and Jackmate, as well as the „Loverboy“-remixes by Josh Wink, Primitive Dub and Matthias Schaffhäuser enjoyed huge popularity by the audience and swiftly let the new label became one of the cool dance-forums from Germany that had to be taken for serious.

It didn‘t take long until Poker Flat gained esteem also on the album side. The Steve Bug Album „The Other Day“ released in 2000 convincingly expressed the continuous development of Steve Bug and clarified that the Berlin top DJ belongs to the first league of German producers. Subtle, effective sampler work with funky parts, as well as tight, truly mellow arrangements present Steve Bug as an adept musical seducer.

His musical competence also always affects the A&R-politics of the label and full trust has been put into the album artists.

hakan.jpgStockholm based top producer Hakan Lidbo delivered a mature and funky Tech-House masterpiece with the album „Tech Couture“ in early 2001.

landsky.jpg Martin Landsky surprised with a timeless top-notch album in summer 2001. „In Between“ melts deep Housemusic with cool disco-tech influences. Martin also proved his superb DJ abilities as he mixed the Poker Flat labelsamplers Vol. 1 & 2. These labelsamplers present on a regular basis the best recent Poker Flat 12“ tracks. Volume 3 is already set for a February 04 release. This time around the DJ mix will be crafted by John Tejada.

One of the Poker Flat highlights in 2002 was the release of Märtini Brös. debut album, „pläy.“ in cooperation with Superstar, Universal and Turbo Recordings. With it‘s sparkling variety of Elektonica, House and Pop, the charisma of Clé and Mike and the great video for „Dance Like It‘s O.K.“, „pläy.“ is the biggest album success on Poker Flat to date.

sensual.jpgIn late 2002 Steve Bug himself delivered his third artist album. „Sensual“ is seriously seductive, minimal but hot, loose limbed, laid-back, playful and funky. This adventurous album holds unexpected surprises that will make you grin, basslines that will smack your hips and make you want to wriggle out of your clothes. This album reveals once again that Steve has an over-abundance of funk and minimal melody coursing through his veins and once again, the club gets all the love.

The latest addition to the roster is the highly talented duo Glowing Glisses with their debut album „Silver Surfer“ which was released in February 2003. „Silver Surfer“ combines the very dry Minimal-House production by Guido Schneider with the warm onomatopoeic vocals of Florian Schirmacher in a fascinating way.

minifunk.jpgThe latest album project is „Da minimal Funk 3“. Compiled and live-mixed by Steve Bug „Da minimal Funk 3“ presents a splendid selection of laid-back electronic funk and Minimal House and has been released in May 2003.

Concurrently Steve Bug always tries to present exceptional remixers: Next to David Carretta, who delivered a brilliant interpretation of Steve Bug‘s „At The Front“, Richie Hawtin also joined the Poker Flat artist-ensemble and brought the label together with the outstanding US-project Octave One a remix 12“ of the Steve Bug club hit „A Night Like This“. Also the gifted Cologne based DJ and producer Michael Mayer immortalized himself at Poker Flat with his brilliant Remix of the old Robotman classic „Hypnofreak“.

Also in 2002, the Poker Flat posse swarmed: The „Poker Flat World Tour“ took Steve Bug, Martin Landsky, Märtini Brös. and the Glowing Glisses from the US to Australia and around the world for three months. Somewhere between genius and hedonism the bunch left a serious mark all over the place.

In 2003 Poker Flat released a number of strong 12“es by Steve Bug, who‘s „That‘s What I Like“ turned out to be a huge club hit, Märtini Brös. (incl. Mr. Brooks & Detroit Grand Pubhas remixes), Jeff Bennett, Phonique and Guido Schneider.

Early in 2004, Poker Flat celebrated it‘s fifth anniversary with the „5 Years of Poker Flat“ album inlcuding a superb live-turntable mix by John Tejada. „5 Years of Poker Flat“ also opened up a strong album year for the label. First up was the second album by the seminal Detroit Grand Pubahs in April 2004.

pubah.jpg„Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus“ offers a wild mixture of Electro-Funk and Minimal Techno and fully focusses on the booty, which is also represented in the outstanding artwork.The „only non-stop erotic techno cabaret worth catching“ (Jockey Slut) around main man Paris The Black Fu constantly toured in 2004 up till an Australian tour in October.

machne.jpgIn May 2004 the mighty Märtini Brös dropped their second album „Love The Machines“. On the album Mike Vamp & Clé prove their musical progression with 13 brilliant and mature tracks on the cutting edge between Electronic and Pop, between the dancefloor and the living room. „(She‘s) Heavy Metal“ enjoyed strong radio support in many territories and on the „Love The Machines“ EP the club got all the love with an excellent Robag Wruhme remix.

bugnology.jpgOn the latest Poker Flat album (released in November 2004) labelhead Steve Bug presents a perfect mix-flow of his favorite tracks from some of the best labels in minimal house. „Steve Bug presents Bugnology“ has been compiled, mixed and re-constructed using special software and is the must have item of the season for the growing community of minimal music addicts.

Also single-wise, 2004 has been a great year for Poker Flat with many very successful 12“ releases. First on the „Future Retro 101“ by Steve Bug followed by 2 singles by the Detroit Grand Pubahs. The new project by Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlbäck (ADJD) put „Stocktown“ on the map of dark & thrilling acid-fueled club music. Also the second solo strike by Glowing Glisses member Gudio Schneider (pfr47) earned much respect. Guido is definitively one of the fresh talents to watch!

So far the story until 2004. In 2005 we‘ll be back with a new Steve Bug album and many more!