Wordandsound is proud to play host to this hot new label by one of germany’s greatest living rave legends.


Klaus Wunderbaum

Klaus Wunderbaum, the invisible raver, was born in the metalworking city of Baden Kürbiskerne in 1977 and was immediately interested in djing at the tender age of 3. At 4 he bought his first MPC-3000 and started making rave sounds for the german scene.

He can barely remember his first appearance at the Death til Dawn rave in the small idyllic town of Krustmeister am Oder at the age of 7 with DJs Westbam and Dr Motte where he played his first live set and became an instant raveicon for the Generation Exstacy. Now residing in Berlin and working for the Deutsche Post as fine-mechanic, he is constantly trying to re-capture that sound of the early 90s with his MPC and doing occassional live-sets around the german raves.

His recodings has became living legends on labels such as RZ - a blast from tha past, Senator Recordings and RAVE YOUR MUMMY, his own outlet for quality teutonic rave.

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