September 12, 2018

Anestie Gomez - Hungry Bears Don't Dance (vinyl Only 2x12)

nm022A new 6 tracks banger by Anestie Gomez from Greece with a wonderful remix from Romanian Barac.


September 12, 2018

Running Back Presents: Front 2x12'' LP Front Part 1 (proto-house+post-disco)

rbfrontHistory Revealing Reissue/ Compilation project centering around the legendary FRONT Club in Hamburg Germany that existed from the 80´s - late 90´s - a leading club in terms of music selection, mixing technique, rave culture - in a very important period of time. Eponymous Resident DJ´s Klaus Stockhausen and the later on globally known Boris Dlugosch take a close look back at that Time, guide you through the history, the early beginnings and absolute key moments on (House Music) Club Culture. Part 1 includes 8 legendary Tracks from the 80´s DISCO, POST-DISCO, PROTO-HOUSE direction that mark the masterclass sound of that Era and could be an essential start or - end - point to any great collection. Especially together with Part 2 being the more 90´s roundup. 2 LP Tracklist (Unmixed) A1. Blue Moderne - Through The Night (Dub Mix 1) A2. Modern Romance - Can You Move (Midnight Mix) B1. Simphonia - You And Me (Dub) B2. Answering Service - Call Me Mr. Telephone (Street Dub Mix) C1. Wired - To The Beat Of The Drum (On The Burn Mix) C2. Temper - No Favors (Dub) D1. Steve Arrington - Dancin’ In The Key Of Life (Special Mix) D2. Executive - Celebrate Your Love Shortinfo: Hamburg’s Front club was already the stuff of legend, when it was still open. When I was teenager on the outskirts of Frankfurt in the very early nineties - and before the name Klaus Stockhausen rang a bell - Boris Dlugosch was not only at the helm of said club, but also one of Germany’s finest purveyors of house music. Front was his home as well as the playground for a colourful bunch of club kids from all walks of life. Its roots went back to the eighties as a gay club and it branched out to anyone who couldn’t „even dance straight “. The rumours about this club were strong enough to get people like Playhouse’s Ata on a road trip and have youngsters like me fantasizing about it. 


September 11, 2018

Emil Abramyan - Movement (lp + Mp3 Incl. Bonus Track)

kds006LP + mp3 incl. bonus track A1. Flightplan A2. Winter A3. Foolky B1. 4_24 B2. Fever B3. Flightplan (Francis Harris Reform) Building on the already incredible collection of music so far released on Francis Harris’ Kingdoms imprint, Emil Abramyan returns with the stunning ‘Movement’ album. Abramyan is a Brooklyn based composer, musician, and producer, whose work traverses various styles and disciplines. In this release Emil shares his unique perspective by bringing together his conservatory training as a cellist and his love of electronic music and sound design. Having played the cello on every Francis Harris album, Abramyan now expands his repertoire by playing every instrument, including cello, piano, and electronics. Beginning with ‘Flightplan’, the album lifts off in sublime fashion. Brooding cellos combine with pianos before subtle rhythms unfold and introduce themselves. ‘Winter’s’ skittering rhythm is combined with pizzicato melodies, clicks and modular synth flurries. Showcasing his versatility, ‘Foolky’ is a more dance floor oriented cut - a highly percussive groove unfolds and carries along a variety of instrumentation. 4_24 also makes use of shuffling, percussive grooves layered with drone sounds, and more of Abramyan’s signature cello.’Fever’ sees the brooklynite heading in a more obviously ambient direction, building atmosphere with a mixture of close mic’d experimentation, and beautiful choral fragments.Rounding off this release, label boss Francis Harris reworks ‘Flightplan’, finding new nuances in the sublime atmosphere, and slowly building up to a subtle, understated groove that takes the track to a different place entirely.


August 13, 2018

Stefan Goldmann - An Ardent Heart

macrom56An Ardent Heart is a focused techno mini album that brings forward Stefan Goldmann’s most dancefloor-centered material in a decade. The tracks push and pull relentlessly. Despite their linear appeal, there is an intricately balanced interplay between the heavy-handed kicks, the bouncy bass accents and the sizzling, yet clear-cut details whipped up by the rallying drums. The peculiar, seemingly “vocalised” mode of synthesis is maybe the most unifying sonic characteristic of the six tracks and one coda. Formant shaping, vowel filters and airstream perturbations let a wide range of sounding elements speak in the tongues of a cybernetic Babylon. Layered polymetric patterns perforate the aural plane with alien scripts. Clearly structured, yet opaque messages that seem to have traveled for aeons emanate from the red-hot circuitry. They spill into a network of delays, channeled down into labyrinthine corridors, enveloped in electrostatic noise. Most tracks build on chance patterns evoked with hardware sequencers and freeform modulation sources. The resulting synthetic systems are as cohesive as they exhibit vast internal variation and range. Thus balancing simplicity and complexity right in the middle, the results are just as immediately gripping as they can feed sustained attention. A wide palette of distortion and overtones mark the contours of individual elements that seem to have near-physical qualities – as if there were metallic strings, thick membranes, a resonating sphere, all struck by electric mallets, caused to vibrate by mechanical bows and sung by silicone lips.


August 13, 2018

Attraktta - Echo Principle

film010Focusing on low-slung IDM, Acid and atmospheric Electro with nods to Krautrock & Ambient sounds, Steve Hy-land’s ATTRAKTTA project gets an extended outing on the FILM label. Across eight beautifully produced tracks, Hyland - one of the founding members of AI Records and subsequently Concrete Plastic, explores vibrant synthesis and intricate drum programming, with the music arriving at a sweet spot between home listening material & club-ready workouts for more intelligent dance floors. Eschewing straightforward synth sequences in favour of blissed out - almost disharmonious sonics, Hyland trans-mits a curious psychedelia on his debut LP. Sounds pitch and warp organically, buoyed up by saturated low end and punchy drum machine percussion. There remains a decidedly accomplished precision to the work, though - with the music bearing all the hallmarks of an artist of some considerable experience - testament to the British pro-ducer & label head’s 19 years working in the industry. A colourful, exquisitely composed LP that riffs on a timeless production aesthetic with considerable style, Echo Principle is a fantastic entry into the FILM Records discography.


August 13, 2018

Midori Takada & Lafawndah - Le Renard Bleu

KENZ01It is said that every generation casts its mind back to a previous era in times of crisis; the resources that will allow us to decode the questions of our moment may lie in the myths of another era. Le Renard Bleu, the new musical and cinematic collaboration between Lafawndah and composer Midori Takada, and filmmakers Partel Oliva, takes a cross- generational echo as ground zero for recovering a crucial myth for uncertain times: the blue fox. As transmitted by Takada, the fox appears in both ancient Senegalese and Japanese folktales as the trickster archetype; belonging both to the heavens and to the earth, the fox is the agent of chaotic good, shaking the world up when its energy has become stagnant. Above all else, the fox is famous for its cunning nature. Renard Bleu marks the first new music released by Takada in nearly twenty years; it would be difficult to overstate the importance of her return to the public eye. Her first solo record, 1983’s Through the Looking Glass, has been rediscovered and heralded as a lost classic; the influence of her percussion trio, the Mkwaju Ensemble, continues to permeate and inspire a new generation entranced by its lucid beauty, playfulness, and sensual patience. Takada has performed in numerous film score orchestras, including the ensemble for Akira Kurasawa’s Dreams, coincidentally a key influence on Renard Bleu. In the ensuing years, Takada has worked closely with theater group the Suzuki Company of Toga on productions of Electra and King Lear, an experience, she says, that allowed her to pursue “a unity of music, body and space.” Recent live solo performances have evinced the depths of her exploration of all three. Equally, it is Lafawndah’s freedom of tone, decentralized maps of ancient and modern music cultures, and alloying of devotional intensity with modern songcraft casts her as a distinct relative of Midori Takada’s.