March 19, 2020


 dear all, we hope that all of you and yours are well.

we will update you from now on on this central position and via email to customers and labels.

as we know that you get all kind of information to absorb right now - we will keep it as basic and condensed as possible, but as complete as necessary.

here´s the current situation at wordandsound. Thursday 19.3.2020-

first of all:

many of you come back to us to ask for advice on what is the "best" in this situation, keep releasing, or to postpone, or to stop for a long while, etc.

we don´t know it, as much as you. the situation is new to us as well and has no comparison -  but be assured - we are here for you and with you!

we have prepared for crisis all the 21 years of our existance and we did what can be done to work on a structure to meet it´s demands. and what can be done, we will now do.

and more!

to maintain an as good as possible partner on each release and service level

that said it´s safety first however for all of , you and us.

this is understood and met here and set above all, in all the - necessary- earnest of the situation.

and this means for:


After careful consideration we will keep operating with releases,as we did, and shipping as long as we are basically allowed to.  

with reduced infrastructure but with all label and customer needs in mind.

buisness primarily being online - the decision to maintain this however is one by customer demand.

we will therefore have regular releases on 20.3. and will notify you shortly about the following releasedate thereafter, bei it 27.3. or 3.4.


Currently DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION remains unaffected , we are  continuing to deliver digital releases to DSPs, and fans can still stream and download - offcourse -

and this should remain one core business for you and all of us. If you ask yourself wether to release or not realease - digitally - NOW IS THE TIME. For Streaming, Video and Downloadcontent. Here you have a business that will most likely not suffer but grow. Make the best out of it and Release music.

We all love Music - and we can mutually get it out to the people out there. from our homes to people´s homes.  

Playlists are being updated on DSPs and we all are set up to work effectively with staff away from the office.

We will be looking at ways of pushing your catalogue and new releases even farther during this period - as sure opportunities will arise out of all this for downloading and streaming. 


We are all fully set up set up to operate remotely (most of us already working from home) so your label statements will be sent out on time, payment runs to labels will be made on time (everthing as usual), service leves will be met with shipping and buying, etc.


will be kept open as long as we can - there is no plan for any closure at any given time but we will have to work with leaner structure - again - it´s safety first - so please be patient and accept our apologies for possible delays.

 5. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. We will update frequently as you proceed. contact your representative anytime with any questions.

 Yours, all at Wordandsound


January 22, 2020

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Let's Call It A Day (2LP, Gatefold Cover)

smallvillelp13Tracklist 2LP: A1 On The Magic Bus A2 Grains B1 A B2 Let’s Call It A Day C1 O C2 C-Sick D1 Magnetically Levitated Train Release Info: Can music be classic and contemporary at the same time? Can it contain a secret genetic code in which the summary of the past, the present pulse, and the future view are hidden? Be ahead of its time and not lose relevance along the way? "Let’s Call it A Day" the first album collaboration of German authors Move D (David Moufang) and Benjamin Brunn, which first appeared on a CD on Bine Music in 2006, now remastered by Calyx and on Vinyl for the first time ever, proves it is not only possible hypothetically, but can also live amongst us.
This is a complete piece built from seven sections, each one is a microcosm of unique textures, depth, ambience, emotions, programming, looping and melodic rules; Together they are a homogenous creation, a symphony that culminate in dance music experiencing elevation.
"Let’s Call it A Day", which in a way is the big brother of "Songs from the Beehive" - their exhilarating installment for Smallville from 2008, is an album above the Zeitgeist. The way Moufang and Brunn fuse different genres together without committing to any musical doctrine, makes them appear prophetic. However, it is in no sense a retrospect feeling; even at the time it was clear that the perceptions, experience, vision, and delicacy of this album were outstanding.
Every element here, every frequency, rhythm, turnaround or keyboard tapping, is the material from which masterpieces are made of. From the opening meditative ever evolving loops of On the Magic Bus to the abstract drones of Grains with its almost nonexistent bass drum - like it was aimed to hit the Ambient-House craze of these past few years; through the mesmerising dubbiness of A, which sounds like a rave ending in an echo chamber and the constant micro-movement of the arpeggios in the title track; O, which sounds like a soundtrack for a sinking submarine footage and the ambient downbeat of C-Sick, which melts your heart from within; and finally the closer- the fragile and elegant beauty of Magnetically Leviated Train. More than 76 minutes of diving constantly deeper and deeper.
This new remastered version will feature a brand new and extra glossy Stefan Marx gatefold cover, that will give the perfect visual expression of the album’s timeless music. And If there was ever a downside to "Let’s Call it A Day", it would be its lack of a vinyl edition. Well, this is exactly what we’re sorting now, aren’t we?
in the media:


December 6, 2019

Mim Suleiman - Si Bure (2LP)

RBBTLP22LP & CD Special Remarks : 5mm Sleeve Tracklist A1 Shukuru Intro A2. Aruka A3 Shukuru Part 2 A4. Usiogope B1. Na Mia B2. Uutu B3. Shukuru Part 3 B4. Kuemenora C1. Haki C2. Ama Kweli C3. Shukuru Part 4 D1. Were D2. Patosha D3. Shukuru Release Info: ‘’BubbleTease Communications and Running Back team up once again for Mim Suleiman’s fifth studio album on vinyl and compact disc. During the course of Si Bure you will find Mim at her very best. It’s easy to imagine the Zanzibar-born-UK-based vocalist and percussionist dancing and prancing to the 14 songs featured here. The tropes of house and disco are mixed here with wonderful rhythmic adventures, infectious futuristic pop and ultramodern African music, while the mesmerizing and addictive lyrics are sung in Swahili and deal with love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity and everyday life. Enchanting, entrancing and entertaining all the way. Produced by Maurice Fulton.'’


October 18, 2019

Fumiya Tanaka - Right Moment (3x12 LP & CD)



September 27, 2019

Oliver Koletzki - Fire in the Jungle (LP + 16 Track Download)

svt263LP + 16 track Download Release: 15.11.2019 Tracklist Vinyl: A1. Fire in the Jungle / A2. We are All Lost feat. Monolink / A3. Tiny Sparks / B1. The Arctic Voice feat. Township Rebellion / B2. Endorphins / B3. Friendly Reminder feat. Cioz Release info: Part homage, part prophecy: ‘Fire in the Jungle’ is the 8th studio album from Berlin-based DJ, producer and label owner Oliver Koletzki, released on 15 November 2019 by Stil vor Talent. With sounds as diverse as the stamps collected in Koletzki’s passport over the past 18 months, ‘Fire in the Jungle’ is a statement in itself: complex, verdant, the product of years of growth. From the arid desert tundra of Australia, to the lush turquoise beaches and sacred sites of Mexico, to the dusty Playa of Burning Man: these rich and varied landscapes, people, experiences have strongly influenced Koletzki in the production of this multifaceted masterpiece. Musical maestro and storyteller Koletzki expertly weaves live instruments with a range of electronic music production techniques, with producers Sam Shure, Township Rebellion, Hidden Empire, Niko Schwind and Cioz taking listeners on an extraordinary aural peregrination of genres and styles. Lyrical and vocal collaborations with Monolink, Aparde, Temple Haze and Lisa Who are layered with Koletzki’s signature sound, adding their unique influence to this distinctive 16-track album. Running the gamut from full-power, bass-heavy dance floor anthems to slower, more sultry tracks, the dramaturgy of this album is matched only by the eclectic exotica and psychedelia of the jungle. As the Amazonian jungle burns, this versatile and thought-provoking album raises important questions about what sustains us and asks us to reconsider the egoism and laziness of the human species. Tracklist Mp3 Download: Tracklist Mp3 Download: 
1. Melting Into to the Surroundings / 2. Lenny in the Sea with Dolphins / 3. Rainbow Serpent / 4. Fire in the Jungle / 5. Sequel feat. Aparde / 6. We are All Lost feat. Monolink / 7. Friendly Reminder feat. Cioz / 8. Tiny Sparks / 9. The Arctic Voice feat. Township Rebellion / 10. Action Speaks Louder than Words / 11. Zeitgeist / 12. Let Go feat. Temple Haze / 13. Endorphins / 14. Love Song / 15. Boxhagener Platz / 16. Away feat. Lisa Who


August 23, 2019

Leon Ware - Rainbow Deux (2LP, GF)

BEWITH034LPFormat Notes: 140g vinyl, double LP, gatefold sleeve, printed inners Territories: Worldwide no exceptions Track List: A1 : Rainbow Deux (6:57) A2 : Let Love In (6:14) A3 : Sigh (4:08) B1 : The Darkest Night (7:32) B2 : Surrender Now (6:08) B3 : Summer Is Her Name (4:37) C1 : Are You Ready (3:18) C2 : Streets (Keep Me Runnin’) (7:00) C3 : Samba Dreams (3:20) D1 : Let’s Go Deep (5:27) D2 : We Should Be Laughin’ (3:45) D3 : Wishful Thinking (4:00) Release Notes: The melodically adventurous soul of Leon Ware continues its expression in his final opus Rainbow Deux, released on double vinyl on September 13th. The album features new songs recorded and performed by Leon before his health turned, leading to his transition on February 23rd 2017. Co-produced by Taylor Graves, it has stellar musical contributions from the likes of Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Ronald Bruner Jr, Rob Bacon and Wayne Linsey.
Taylor Graves came into Leon’s musical family in 2002 when he, his brother Cameron and the Bruner brothers Ronald Jr and Stephen (Thundercat) were playing along with their schoolmate Kamasi at an L.A. jazz club. Taylor, Cameron, Ronald and Stephen became Leon’s band for his debut shows in Japan in 2002 and Taylor continued to work with Leon as his mentor and collaborator over the next 15 years.
“Leon was ALWAYS writing something or developing his musical palette” his wife Carol Ware tells us, so it’s impossible to pinpoint any single moment of Rainbow Deux’s genesis. Six of the songs go back to 2012/2013 and were released in 2014 as part of Sigh, a Japan-only CD collection heavy with Rob Bacon’s tasteful licks and Wayne Linsey’s piano vibes. The rest of the material comes from Leon’s sessions with Taylor.
Describing Leon’s and his process, here’s Taylor:  “We’d start by having some great homemade food! Then a glass of wine ‘to slow down time’. After we’d have our fill and smoked our joints we’d go into his studio room to listen and create.”
The album was finished-up around August of 2016 in a back-and-forth between Leon and his go-to mastering engineer Toni Economides in the UK.
Leon worked on Rainbow Deux with life’s greatest challenge looming over him, yet it is one of his most focused and cohesive solo offerings since the 1980s. The entire record is a vibe: mellow, deep and smooth as silk. The lyrical themes are eternal, and the music is elegant, soulful and sensual.
The album opens with the hypnotic throb of “For The Rainbow”, coming on like a percussive, slow-mo house shuffle. Gilles Peterson is a fan. The exotic “Let Love In” follows, with its gradual-build Island Funk, intricate guitar picks and sassy female vocals. It explodes when it hits its stride. “Sigh” is the stylish slow jam close-out to side A. Serene guitars and polished drums create neck snapping funk, with a swaggering finger-snap strut.
Side B opens with the easy-burning broken-beaty “The Darkest Night”, the centrepiece of the album. Kamasi Washington’s lurking sax, restrained and beautiful, unfurls into the dank, sticky atmosphere of Thundercat’s signature creeping bass laid over his brother’s in-the-pocket drums. Leon’s vocals are perfect, a masterclass in seductive sax-soul.
“Surrender Now” conjures waves of vocals to swell and wash over the glossy piano, subtly bumping hip-hop drums and bubbling synth-bass stabs. It’s got the trademark Leon layers. “Summer Is Her Name” has Kamasi’s effortless, melancholic sunshine sax give way to rising tempos and propulsive rhythms.
“Are You Ready” is a total highlight (and we’ve been playing it out for ages). It’s a nimble groove of piano and synth rolling around Theo Croker’s sensual trumpet playing. Digi-soul at its finest. With lush G-Funk sensibilities “Streets (Keep Me Runnin’)” sounds like a lost Dam-Funk produced gem. All tough kicks and snares and street sounds. Leon’s hood pass will be forever intact.
“Samba Dreams” is the first of two tracks that bring a little Rio magic to Rainbow Deux. Leon created a whole body of work in partnership with Brazilian legend Marcos Valle that includes “Rockin’ You Eternally” - a hit for Leon - and “Estrelar” – a hit for Marcos. Leon channels his obvious love of Brazilian music here through more of Croker’s sumptuous trumpet, played over loose percussion. “Let’s Go Deep” is next up. A dreamy between-the-sheets quiet storm anthem and a real showcase for Leon’s vocals.
The dripping, honeyed harp-funk of “We Should Be Laughin’” marks the star turn of the brilliant Kimbra. Leon first met her on-stage to do an impromptu duet of “Inside My Love” during an open-air celebration of Minnie Riperton in July of 2014. Kimbra was working with Taylor on her music and he brought her to Leon’s house to do some writing. This was the result.
Warm synths radiate shuffling samba soul on “Wishful Thinking” as those Brazilian rhythms return to bring Rainbow Deux to a close.
During an apartment move Leon and Carol rediscovered some watercolours Leon had done years ago. One of these paintings had been dubbed “Deux Hearts” and Leon decided it should be on the cover of Rainbow Deux, getting as far as approving a draft concept for the artwork.
Carol has overseen developing that draft into the final gatefold sleeve. It brings together quotes, photographs and tributes in what is a reflection on the music, relationships and philosophy of the sensual minister.
Gerry “the gov” Brown, Leon’s long-time sound engineer, was by his side throughout the project, recording and mixing. The album was mastered by Toni Economides and Simon Francis’ additional sensitive work makes sure this double LP sounds like it should on vinyl.
Be With’s first ever release was Leon’s eponymous LP. Re-issuing that album planted the seed of a relationship that has grown to grant us the privilege of presenting his crowning achievement. We know that Leon’s fans all over the Earth will love Rainbow Deux. But we also hope that this album, the final entry in a phenomenal body of work, will reach new fans and find fresh conduits for the spirit of this oft-unsung hero of Soul.
Leon always said “they will get it when I'm gone.”
He also said that “the spirit never dies”…