September 12, 2018

Anestie Gomez - Hungry Bears Don't Dance (vinyl Only 2x12)

nm022A new 6 tracks banger by Anestie Gomez from Greece with a wonderful remix from Romanian Barac.


September 12, 2018

Running Back Presents: Front 2x12'' LP Front Part 1 (proto-house+post-disco)

rbfrontHistory Revealing Reissue/ Compilation project centering around the legendary FRONT Club in Hamburg Germany that existed from the 80´s - late 90´s - a leading club in terms of music selection, mixing technique, rave culture - in a very important period of time. Eponymous Resident DJ´s Klaus Stockhausen and the later on globally known Boris Dlugosch take a close look back at that Time, guide you through the history, the early beginnings and absolute key moments on (House Music) Club Culture. Part 1 includes 8 legendary Tracks from the 80´s DISCO, POST-DISCO, PROTO-HOUSE direction that mark the masterclass sound of that Era and could be an essential start or - end - point to any great collection. Especially together with Part 2 being the more 90´s roundup. 2 LP Tracklist (Unmixed) A1. Blue Moderne - Through The Night (Dub Mix 1) A2. Modern Romance - Can You Move (Midnight Mix) B1. Simphonia - You And Me (Dub) B2. Answering Service - Call Me Mr. Telephone (Street Dub Mix) C1. Wired - To The Beat Of The Drum (On The Burn Mix) C2. Temper - No Favors (Dub) D1. Steve Arrington - Dancin’ In The Key Of Life (Special Mix) D2. Executive - Celebrate Your Love Shortinfo: Hamburg’s Front club was already the stuff of legend, when it was still open. When I was teenager on the outskirts of Frankfurt in the very early nineties - and before the name Klaus Stockhausen rang a bell - Boris Dlugosch was not only at the helm of said club, but also one of Germany’s finest purveyors of house music. Front was his home as well as the playground for a colourful bunch of club kids from all walks of life. Its roots went back to the eighties as a gay club and it branched out to anyone who couldn’t „even dance straight “. The rumours about this club were strong enough to get people like Playhouse’s Ata on a road trip and have youngsters like me fantasizing about it. 


September 11, 2018

Emil Abramyan - Movement (lp + Mp3 Incl. Bonus Track)

kds006LP + mp3 incl. bonus track A1. Flightplan A2. Winter A3. Foolky B1. 4_24 B2. Fever B3. Flightplan (Francis Harris Reform) Building on the already incredible collection of music so far released on Francis Harris’ Kingdoms imprint, Emil Abramyan returns with the stunning ‘Movement’ album. Abramyan is a Brooklyn based composer, musician, and producer, whose work traverses various styles and disciplines. In this release Emil shares his unique perspective by bringing together his conservatory training as a cellist and his love of electronic music and sound design. Having played the cello on every Francis Harris album, Abramyan now expands his repertoire by playing every instrument, including cello, piano, and electronics. Beginning with ‘Flightplan’, the album lifts off in sublime fashion. Brooding cellos combine with pianos before subtle rhythms unfold and introduce themselves. ‘Winter’s’ skittering rhythm is combined with pizzicato melodies, clicks and modular synth flurries. Showcasing his versatility, ‘Foolky’ is a more dance floor oriented cut - a highly percussive groove unfolds and carries along a variety of instrumentation. 4_24 also makes use of shuffling, percussive grooves layered with drone sounds, and more of Abramyan’s signature cello.’Fever’ sees the brooklynite heading in a more obviously ambient direction, building atmosphere with a mixture of close mic’d experimentation, and beautiful choral fragments.Rounding off this release, label boss Francis Harris reworks ‘Flightplan’, finding new nuances in the sublime atmosphere, and slowly building up to a subtle, understated groove that takes the track to a different place entirely.