June 27, 2019

Manuel GÖttsching - Dream & Desire (cd, Re 2019, Sticker)

Notes to a friend…
The 1970s. The Vietnam War is slowly coming to an end; the RAF thrives and prospers; 
the first Achtundsechziger ('68 protestors) are actually
planning to march through the institutions; rock and roll is getting heavier;
and hardly noticed by the mainstream public, some West-Berlin musicians
develop a world of sound, which later eventually became labelled as
“Electronic Music”.
Indeed, there was nothing electronically generated initially,
let alone even digital. In the beginning they simply named these
sound-mixtures "electro-acoustic". These compositions of slowly evolving
soundscapes relating to the Minimal Music concept created a meditative
mood. This was new. This was the Berliner Schule (Berlin school).
Being responsible for popular music at a radio station in the 1970s
was an absolute dream job. At least that’s what it was like at RIAS Berlin
(Radio In the American Sector). There was no quota, no pressure,
no hit-terror, and we just invited the artists, bands and musicians we liked
to the studio. The artists from next door. That’s how I got to know Manuel.
He was living right on the Ku-Damm (Kurfürstendamm), right in the city
centre, but in the rear building, shielded from the noise.
Manu didn’t have a sequencer. Everything that sounded like a sequencer
was his highly focused guitar work. The slowly changing tone sequences
for example. This was a physical accomplishment in itself.
His minimalistic play is still part of his signature style.
The musicians from Berlin, who worked in the same genre, were either
friends, periodically played in Manuel’s ASH RA TEMPEL, or built up their
own careers. 
The scene was small, but equipped with illustrious celebrities
- Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Harald Grosskopf, Agitation Free.
And my RIAS colleague Walter Bachauer. He had called the Metamusik
Festival into life and brought the international avant-garde to Berlin.
The festival opened up new aesthetic continents to us when we were grateful to listen to chants of Tibetanian 
monks or the Steve Reich Ensemble play “Drumming”.
Manuel was able to start his international career pretty quickly, focusing on England, France and Japan.
For the German middle-of-the-road-consciousness, these countries were as exotic as the winds on Jupiter, 
especially Japan, where Göttsching still enjoys superstar status. Today it is not only these countries, which 
consider him a cult figure. He has also made his mark as a film composer and has added his music to numerous 
events and art happenings.
In November 1975 I had initiated a concert at the RIAS Studio 10, entitled “Futurum 3”, with ASH RA TEMPEL 
performing. Apart from the guitars there was also an EMS Synthi A on stage. And an old Farfisa Compact Organ 
that Manuel played and of which I was especially proud:
I was able to buy this instrument in 1964 after a summer job at a steel drill factory. This Farfisa was on stage 
when I performed with my band the Team Beats Berlin, as support act for the Rolling Stones at their legendary 
concert in September 1965 at the Berliner Waldbühne.
Somehow this instrument had survived the riot, and ten years later Manuel bought this organ from me. He had 
played this Farfisa in many concerts and recordings in the following years, and it can be heard also prominently
here on “Dream and Desire”.
Originally, the two tracks “Dream” and “Desire” had been conceived for my one-hour radio feature at RIAS Berlin 
in summer 1977. Then, although being broadcast only once in Berlin and Belgium, they soon became cult 
amongst listeners, who taped, multiplied and distributed the tracks throughout Manuel's fan base.
But it was only in 1991, after 14 years, when Manuel decided to make it an “official” release on CD. Something like that is unusual at times when only the new things count - until it is dismissed by the new and gets 
The revival of Dream & Desire is not nostalgia but an indication that the present will only be appreciated after 
acknowledging the past. Applies also to art.
The bonus track “Despair” was not part of the original radio-feature, but was composed and recorded around the 
same time in 1977, and the track fits perfectly in style and sound.
Manuel's music has been with me for now almost 50 years.
I own a superb LP and CD collection of him.
Dream & Desire is beautiful - what more can I say ...
Olaf Leitner, March 2019


June 5, 2019

Feel Fly - Syrius (2LP+MP3)

INTLP0072LP + Download Feel Fly is the alter ego of Daniele Tomassini: DJ and producer, composer of sound for theater and cinema, member of multiple hybrid projects, both live and studio. Based in Perugia (IT), the co-founder of the monthly party Afro Templum, has been for years an active organizer of musical and cultural events in the underground city scene. Raised between the walls of the historical and transversal Norman Club, he is currently a resident of the Tangram and Numbers parties at Perugia’s Urban Club, which led him to share the console with many important national and international artists. An avid collector of synths, keyboards and any noisy toy he can lay his hand on, after appearances on on “Roots Underground” and his own"Too Romantic” it’s now time for his first full length release “Syrius” on “Internasjonal” co-produced and mixed by Prins Thomas. “In the mystical crescendo of soft cosmic-melodic carpets and expansive Balearic pulses, Feel Fly tinges his sounds with Neo Disco, House, Synth-pop and Italo incursions. A slow pilgrimage permeated by immersive and dreamy beats that envelop you .” Prins Thomas , April 2019

Tracklist: A 1. Il Teorema Del Delirio 6:56 2. Syrius 4:11 B 1. 10.01 5:22 2. Endless Truth 6:45 C 1.Brzone23 6:22 2.Arpini 5:43 D 1.Athenâ 6:08 2.Dromo Celeste 6:53

https://www.facebook.com/feel.fly/ • https://soundcloud.com/feel-fly • https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/feelfly • https://www.mixcloud.com/feelfly/ • https://www.youtube.com/c/feelfly • https://www.instagram.com/feel_fly/ • 


June 5, 2019

Mount Liberation Unlimited - Mount Liberation Unlimited (2LP, Album)

BARN066LP2x12″ LP, Album Tracklist A1. Clintro Space Funk – A2. Welcome To Organic – A3. Gospel (Makes My Body Move In Sinful Ways) – B1. Prozac – B2. WWW.ednesday – B3. Climb Me Up – C1. Jaz For More – C2. Krauten – C3. The One – D1. Techno Thrills And Ecstasy Pills – D2. Air 2 Breathe Release Info: Mount Liberation Unlimited are Tom and Niklas, two Swedes from space who have spent the last 5 years carving out a particularly vivid niche in contemporary electronic music. Their previous work has seen them connect with an impressive list of global dance powerhouses: New York’s Beats In Space, Melbourne’s Superconscious and Munich’s Permanent Vacation have all released 12′’ heat from the duo, while their hometown buddies at Studio Barnhus provided an outlet for what has been perhaps their biggest and boldest release yet, 2017’s double smash single Double Dance Lover. Their live shows are fervent, fast-paced and very multi-instrumental affairs, performed non-stop at an increasingly prestigious list of clubs and festivals, serving as prime examples of the MLU boys’ core obsession: the interaction of human rhythm and electronic pulse. They have their own great little radio show on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM! Australia loves them! They got their artist friend Tom-Hadar Elde to sculpt their heads for their debut album cover! That self-titled debut, to be released May 31 on Studio Barnhus, has been in progress since the very formation of the MLU project in 2014. It contains some of their earliest work and of course their very latest – all perfected at the Neve desk of legendary Gothenburg studio Svenska Grammofonstudion, in cahoots with mix engineer Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, Robyn, Fever Ray). The result is a sonically fascinating, endlessly generous and straight up FUN record that takes the listener on a joyride through bittersweet stoner disco, frenzied scando-kraut jams and some of the sweetest dance pop to come out of Sweden.


June 5, 2019

Brunnen - The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams (LP, Ltd.)

ACOLOUR012A Colourful Storm presents an album by Brunnen aka Freek Kinkelaar, one of the everlasting beacons of the Dutch underground. Limited pressing. Tracklist A1 - Cris en mouvements A2 - Der Klang A3 - Die Liebe A4 - The return of the giant maracas A5 - A discreet sign of passing A6 - A tiny waltz B1 - A sail across the skies B2 - Roger caught a rabbit B3 - Ikizler B4 - A vanilla kite B5 - Tomorrowland Shortinfo: “Last night I turned into a cat. Just like that.” A Colourful Storm presents an album by Brunnen aka Freek Kinkelaar, one of the everlasting beacons of the Dutch underground. One half of fabled group Beequeen (1988-2015) with Frans de Waard and collaborator with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Paul Panhuysen, The Residents, Merzbow and Edward Ka-Spel, Kinkelaar presents The Garden of Perpetual Dreams as a newly visioned recording of a cassette from 1989. Produced with Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots and mastered by Steeg and Peter Van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando, De Fabriek, The Use Of Ashes).