May 18, 2017

Various Artists - Nie Wieder Streit

lhlt010For our 10th release, we put together a ten track compilation featuring new material by us and our friends titled “Nie wieder Streit”. The four sides showcase some familiar Lehult sounds as well as some unexpected surprises: Original crew members Liem, Lucky Charmz, Eddie Ness, Johan Kaseta and DJ Assam are all on board with new material, while Matthias Reiling, A Trap Jr. & DJ Slyngshot, Rainboy and Epikur also join the party. For the special occasion we wanted to compile a collection aimed at the DJs that have been buying our records and supporting the little outlet we founded a couple of years back. LHLT10 is one of those versatile records that offers something for every situation, one that never leaves your bag. There’s chilled, intricate songs for the early and late hours on the dance floor, dark and vibey Jams for the dungeons, joyful and weird peak time stuff, and some straight up groove monsters – all on one release. Liem & Eddie join forces for the seemingly deteriorating, jumbling peak-time cut “Exodoros” while Liem’s other contribution, “Truly Super”, serves up sweaty basement magic. Lucky Charmz shows a unheard shade with his 150-BPM Kitch-Anthem “Trance Song Cover”, while Johan Kaseta’s opener “Venue Flieder” and Assam’s floaty groover “Looking for Revenge” stay in line with their trademark fruity/meditative sound. Epikur, a project between Eddie Ness and his longtime partner in crime Kryptofauna, snatch their debut release with the club-ready, synth-laden groover “Speedrunner IV”,