March 19, 2020


 dear all, we hope that all of you and yours are well.

we will update you from now on on this central position and via email to customers and labels.

as we know that you get all kind of information to absorb right now - we will keep it as basic and condensed as possible, but as complete as necessary.

here´s the current situation at wordandsound. Thursday 19.3.2020-

first of all:

many of you come back to us to ask for advice on what is the "best" in this situation, keep releasing, or to postpone, or to stop for a long while, etc.

we don´t know it, as much as you. the situation is new to us as well and has no comparison -  but be assured - we are here for you and with you!

we have prepared for crisis all the 21 years of our existance and we did what can be done to work on a structure to meet it´s demands. and what can be done, we will now do.

and more!

to maintain an as good as possible partner on each release and service level

that said it´s safety first however for all of , you and us.

this is understood and met here and set above all, in all the - necessary- earnest of the situation.

and this means for:


After careful consideration we will keep operating with releases,as we did, and shipping as long as we are basically allowed to.  

with reduced infrastructure but with all label and customer needs in mind.

buisness primarily being online - the decision to maintain this however is one by customer demand.

we will therefore have regular releases on 20.3. and will notify you shortly about the following releasedate thereafter, bei it 27.3. or 3.4.


Currently DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION remains unaffected , we are  continuing to deliver digital releases to DSPs, and fans can still stream and download - offcourse -

and this should remain one core business for you and all of us. If you ask yourself wether to release or not realease - digitally - NOW IS THE TIME. For Streaming, Video and Downloadcontent. Here you have a business that will most likely not suffer but grow. Make the best out of it and Release music.

We all love Music - and we can mutually get it out to the people out there. from our homes to people´s homes.  

Playlists are being updated on DSPs and we all are set up to work effectively with staff away from the office.

We will be looking at ways of pushing your catalogue and new releases even farther during this period - as sure opportunities will arise out of all this for downloading and streaming. 


We are all fully set up set up to operate remotely (most of us already working from home) so your label statements will be sent out on time, payment runs to labels will be made on time (everthing as usual), service leves will be met with shipping and buying, etc.


will be kept open as long as we can - there is no plan for any closure at any given time but we will have to work with leaner structure - again - it´s safety first - so please be patient and accept our apologies for possible delays.

 5. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. We will update frequently as you proceed. contact your representative anytime with any questions.

 Yours, all at Wordandsound