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Tomorrows People - Open Soul

Jan 11, 2017 MEL005Melodies International proudly expand their catalogue of rare soul gems with another carefully crafted reissue, complete with full 16 page Melozine. This time it’s the spellbinding Tomorrow’s People album: Open Soul. Deep in South Chicago, a band of four brothers raised on doo-wop and flea-market instruments made a record during the mid 70s that did not only mark a seminal point in their youthful careers, but would go on to become a true collector’s favourite. ‘Open Soul’ is quite simply one of the best examples of raw, stripped down soul in itsRead the whole story

Amer (colona Sonora Originale Del Film)

Jan 11, 2017
WRWTFWW012First ever vinyl release of the soundtrack for Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s critically-acclaimed Belgian-French giallo Amer (2009). - Limited edition 10″ vinyl - 500 copies housed in heavy cardboard old Stoughton tip-on jacket. - Music by soundtrack masters Ennio Morricone, Stelvio Cipriani, and Bruno Nicolai, and with a song by Adriano Celentano - For fans of Italian movie soundtracks, giallo and poliziotteschi movies, jazz, soul, library music, Quentin Tarantino, exploitation films of the 60s and 70s, erotic vibes, and solving murders. Also, for
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Various Artist 'The Roundup Part 3'

Dec 7, 2016 heist022The standout tracks of the second year of Heist get remixed by the label artists of that year. Track list : A1. Obas Nenor – Wakee (Detroit Swindle remix) A2. Ouer – The ascent (Adesse Versions remix) B1. Nebraska – It won’t be long (Nachtbraker remix) B2. Detroit Swindle – Future imperfect (Frits Wentink remix) C. Adesse Versions – Push it along (Obas Nenor remix) D1. Frits Wentink – Rising sun, falling coconut (Nebraska remix) D2. Nachtbraker – Pollo con pollo (Ouer remix) Release Info: The Round up part III is here: Our annualRead the whole story

Holovr 'Anterior Space'

Dec 7, 2016 fur110HOLOVR is Jimmy Billingham who also records under the alias’s Tidal, Venn Rain, Journey of Mind & Holographic Mind - He has released music on Firecracker Records, Opal Tapes and Hooker Vision as well as his own Indole Records Release Information Anterior Space may strike some listeners of a certain age as an echo of the gilded age of “armchair techno” exemplified by Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence comps. There’s a similar convergence of the cerebral and the blissful in the four epic compositions HOLOVR (aka Jimmy Billingham) finesses fromRead the whole story

Yantra Mandir 'Yantra Mandir'

Nov 15, 2016
mg119lpConceived in the cultural cellars of Bangkok, Thailand, and Geneva, Switzerland, this 9-track LP by Jerome, aka ‘Yantra Mandir’ and ‘The Dude of Stratosphear’, casts a wide net over experimental meditative ambient music, progressive drone, Brahmanic accents, and ritual oscillations. Together, this work represents a 20 year journey in Geneva of musical production, artistic expression, and the melting pot of experiences fused with the rich legacy of Indian spiritual sounds. The LP is partly a collaboration between five close collaborators, each
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Brandt Brauer Frick - Joy (2lp Gf+cd)

Nov 3, 2016
 From My Body The CD included in the LP features the 10 tracks in the same order Short info: ‘Joy’ is BBF’s fourth album and the first one to be truly vocalist-focused and song-centric. With the help of Canadian poet-singer Beaver Sheppard who played an prominent role the composition, BBF explore what the band-members describe as ‘post-religious’ themes, such as struggling to find joy in times of uncertainty and instability. This makes it without any doubt BBF’s ‘Nietzsche album’. Following on from their latest album
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October 11th
  1. EXCLMER Studio Barnhus T-shirt — “Burgundy White Print On Front Size Xxl” STUDIO BARNHUS
April 21st
  1. EXCL2LPH Drei Farben House — “Fluency Fabrics” TENDERPARK
March 24th
  1. EXCL1CDA Farbror Resande Mac — “Farbror Resande Mac (cd Dpac+bonus Track” HORISONTAL MAMBO
  2. EXCLXLP Farbror Resande Mac — “Farbror Resande Mac (lp+poster Inlay)” HORISONTAL MAMBO
March 17th
  4. EXCL12"L Leibniz — “Online” HUNDERT
  5. EXCL12"L Universo — “Underworld Ep” STEP RECORDING
  6. EXCL1CDA Midori Takada — “Through The Looking Glass (2017 Reediton” WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT
  7. EXCLXLPA Midori Takada — “Through The Looking Glass (2017 Rediton” WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT
  8. EXCLXLPD Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glas — “Ltdlx,2lp45rpm, Gf,180g,audiophile (2017” WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT
March 10th
  1. EXCL12"I Edward — “Shufflehead” DIE ORAKEL
  2. EXCLXLPD Justice — “Access All Arenas (2017edition, 2lp,gf,p” ED BANGER
  3. EXCLXLPD Dj Mehdi — “Lucky Boy (2017 Edition+cd+bonus Lp)” ED BANGER

Media and DJ comments

Thorsteinssřn — “Academy Of Heroes” on PETS RECORDING

DJ: “The Revenge: Wicked package of tracks Ewan Pearson: I really like Midnight at Taffy's and Nightrunner. Shadow Child: Need to digest tis properly - its going on my iPhone for ful listen. Love the first 3 tunes. Psychemagik (Tom): Wicked...feeling this for sure. Supported! Justin Martin: love this album. Baikal: LOVELY schtuff from Thorsteinssřn Jimpster: I love Thorsteinsson! This is sounding right up my street from the first quick listen so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it. Needless to say I'll definitely be playing some of this in my sets and will include a track on the new Freerange radioshow. Cheers! ”

feature: ransome note: “http://www.theransomnote.com/music/influences/influences-thorsteinsson/ XLR8R https://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2016/11/thorsteinsson-not-really/ ”

Magazine: “https://www.attackmagazine.com/features/introducing/thorsteinsson/”

James Dexter — “Voices Ep (vinyl Only)” on POKER FLAT

DJ: “Mihai Popoviciu great tracks, will play voices and point blank! Samuel Bailey ace stuff! area 51 for me Benoit C cool ep Mash, Mixmag Voices is good but I prefer his more melancholy bits. Liking Point Blank and Area 51 the most! Martin Landsky i dig this series a lot.. another gem here... Point Blank for me !!! Cassy THANK YOU!! Great tools and tracks... xx Fideles Really cool deep house. will try them out. ANDRADE Wow ! Poker is back :) amaizing hofer66 / dub ibiza network / ibiza global radio voices is irresistible .-) Tim Engelhardt gute ep! Alland Byallo Area 51 is dope! Greg Fenton Good track! Animal Trainer Area 51 and Voices are amazing tunes! Makossa / radio fm4 / vienna solid tracks Matthias Vogt i love this series! this is nice again - voices is my tune! Danny Tenaglia all good...Thanks!!! Reto Ardour DOPE! Voices is the one for me - support Carlos Sanchez the whole ep is awesome! very solid release... thanks and full support!! Andrew Salsano / A&R Nervous Records strong EP overall, I personally like area 51 the best Hutch Wicked grooves La Fleur Very good stuff! Thank you x LF Matt Masters Loving this. Tracks 2 and 3 for me. Will be supporting in the clubs and try to fit it on the Dec radioshow DJ yvesning Voices has got a pretty catchy groove for dancin' Janosch / faze mag Awesome vibes! Love it! ”

Nemoy — “Homeless Soul Music, Sam Lrl Rmx” on UKNOWY

DJ: “Osunlade: Bad Ass! Favourite Track: We Made it Session Victim: nice one! good EP! favorite is Sam Irl RMX Rainer Trüby (Compost/ K7): "Da ist auf jeden Fall was dabei! "One For Ckenz" & der Sam IRL Rmx. sind glaube ich meine Faves…" Contours (Rhythm Section Int.): "this shit is real nice man! That particular beat and one for Ckenz in particular got a real nice vibe! Cheers for firing through!" ”

Clemens K. — “Reverie” on MOODY RECORDS

DJ: “Ame / Kristian Beyer – „thanks“ Maceo Plex – „Downloaded for Maxeo Plex / Maetrik, thanks for the music“ Peter Kruder – „Sweet album.“ Pablo Bolivar – „This EP is fantastic!“ Tensnake – „Great stuff“ Franck Roger – „Estate for me thxxx“ Craig Smith/6th Borough Project – „Tropi Cali for me, nice stuff“ Alland Byallo - “niiiiiiice and shmooooove. great blend of soulful styles and sounds here. not so keen on the straight up house drums of 'that's alright', but the rest is quite on point. thanks! Nice remix too!” Marlon Hoffstadt - “Lovely work! first time i hear his work, and its beautiful! already a big fan after the first three songs :)” Franck Roger/Home Invasion – „estate for me thxx“ ”

Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge — “Shattered (vinyl Only)” on RETROGRADE

DJ: “Les Yeux Orange: Exclusive Premiere of Shattered (Original) The Ransome Note: Exclusive Premiere of Shattered (Instrumental) Delicieuse Musique: Exclusive Premiere of Elevate (Original) Capital Xtra (Coco Cole): Shattered and Elevate presented in her weekly show. Get In To This: Single Of The Month The Ransome Note: EP anouncement online Up Front Beats: News Piece Confirmed Nice Radio (France): Radio Support Confirmed Clandestino / KMAH Radio: Radio Support confirmed Glasgow Sub City Radio: Radio Support confirmed DJ Mag Spain: Review Beats 1: cool breakdown on shattered Beats In Space: Elevate for me B.Traits (BBC Radio1): elevate ”

New releases


released Friday Jan 20, 2017

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