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February And Mars - February And Mars

Sep 23, 2015

 - co-produced by John Daly - - Debut Album by February & Mars Short info: Mojuba is celebrating its 10th birthday in a very special way by releasing the magnificent selftitled debut album by analouge rockers February & Mars. Hailing from the stunningly beautiful west of Ireland, the Galway group’s sound is awash with its environment, ranging from the rolling limestone mountains to the wild Atlantic sea. Core members Carl Ramberg and Jack Considine use classic drum machines and vintage synthesisers to carve their music, which is inspired by Detroit, Eno, Guns

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Barotti - Rising

Sep 23, 2015

 Barotti is a musician and contemporary multimedia artist based in Berlin. After years of working on urban sound installations, performing arts and experimental music, he is now releasing his debut album. A soundtrack for fantastic futuristic fairytales. Epic and symphonic - with a deep electronic base. Armed with iconic analog gear of the 1970s and 1980s, a hand-picked group of high level classical string and horn players and the whole imaginary world of his absurd fantasies, Barotti is opening up a new dimension in the vast field between contemporary classical and

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Die Verboten - 2007

Sep 23, 2015

 Die Verboten are a Space Rock band formed by David and Stephen Dewaele of Soulwax, Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell and Henry Riton. This is the first album from Die Verboten, written and recorded in 2007, rediscovered and mixed in 2015. This LP consists of five tracks, “Dafalganger”, “White Island”, “E40”, “Nacht Winkel” and “Aquarius”. It is the sound of classic German kosmiche, live drums, synths, percussion and a loose funk you only find in these kind of stretched fluid grooves. The album was produced by

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Georg Holm And Orri Páll Dýrason From Si - Circe

Sep 14, 2015

 Two-thirds of Sigur Rós, bass player Georg Holm and drummer Orri Páll Dýrason, have teamed up with Icelandic composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Sigur Rós touring guitarist, and Georg’s brother, Kjartan Holm to create an uninterrupted 72-minute instrumental album inspired by 100 years of archive footage of vaudeville, circuses and carnivals. A pulsating work throughout, the 14 track album, which has been made to accompany the forthcoming BBC documentary film The Show of Shows, was written and recorded at Sigur Rós’s new studio

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Jimi Tenor & Umo - Mysterium Magnum (coloured Vinyl)

Sep 10, 2015

 Jimi Tenor has made an instrumental album “Mysterium Magnum” with the Finnish “national” Jazz Orchestra, UMO. UMO is a professional 16 piece orchestra. Specialized in jazz and contemporary rhythm music. Throughout it´s history UMO has had a focus on Finnish composers and has performed hundreds of compositions that were made especially for UMO. Jimi Tenor is a Finnish composer/performing artist maybe best known for his electronic music from the 90´s. This album is the first album that´s is composed entirely for a big band. In 2003 Jimi

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Humans - Noontide

Sep 10, 2015

 Vancouver’s indie-electronic duo HUMANS announce their highly anticipated full-length album Noontide set for release on February 24th, 2015 via Hybridity Music. Comprised of producers Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq, the duo’s sound has been called infectious, smartly crafted, and a force live. Produced by Nik Kozub (Shout Out Out Out Out), Noontide is a showcase of their innovative mix of heavy electronics with modern pop sensibilities. The album is carefully constructed, building upon the band’s restless aesthetic experimentation. Vital Sales Points: - Previous

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October 11th
  1. EXCLMER Studio Barnhus T-shirt — “Burgundy White Print On Front Size Xxl” STUDIO BARNHUS
February 19th
  1. EXCL12"J Cromby — “Planets And Parks Ep” TENDERPARK
February 12th
  1. EXCL2LPH Andy Vaz — “House Warming Lp” YORE
November 27th
  1. EXCL12"P Lorca — “Creta Kano / Malta Kano” NAKED NAKED
  2. EXCL12"J Deepbass & Nax Acid — “Exomoon, Neurotron Remix” PHORMA
November 20th
  1. EXCL12"K Natan H — “Erklingen Ep” TAPED ARTIFACT
  2. EXCL1LPC Barotti — “Rising (1lp Album)” GOMMA
  3. EXCL12"P Dhaze — “Subatomic Pussy /medu Remix” METROLINE LIMITED
  4. EXCL12IM Luca Lozano — “Gun Fingers (incl. Dj Sotofett Remixes)” HYPERCOLOUR
November 13th
  1. EXCL12"I Tiefschwarz — “Free Falling Feat Khan Skream, Acid Paul” WATERGATE RECORDS
  2. EXCL12"J Denial.of.service — “Sensou Ep ( 180g, Hq Glow In The Dark Ar” FILM
  3. EXCL1CDA 51 Black Super — “51 Black Super (cd)” VIETNAM / BECAUSE MUSIC
  4. EXCLXLPB 51 Black Super — “51 Black Super (1lp + Cd)” VIETNAM / BECAUSE MUSIC
  5. EXCL12"E Tcb — “Rather Happy Songs, Roman Flügel Rmx” HOUSE IS OK
November 6th
  1. EXCL2LPE V.a. — “The Roundup Part 2 (180g 12" + 10" Pack-” HEIST RECORDINGS

Media and DJ comments

Holtoug — “Stay In Love - Yannick Labbe/acid Pauli” on HFN MUSIC

DJ: “Samuel Bailey (Apple) Ace stuff! Arnaud Wyart (Trax Magazine) Acid Pauli! Meike Frank (HearDis) Fantastic!!! Deron Delgado (Large Music) Love this!! Peter Armster ( Waord & Sound) Yannick's mix kills it. Kevin Goonewardena (hhv Mag) Release review for hhv Mag Hofer66 (Dubibiza) Oh yeah oh yeah - love is in the ear! Heidi (BBC Radio1) Lovely EP! Dermot O'Sullivan (When We Dip) Big EP! Kiki (Bpitch Control) Acid Pauli Remix for me and my radio show! Peter Musebrink (Radio Ibiza Sonica) Wow, sounds like the next BIG Thing! Great remixes, too! Miguel Garji ( Ibiza Global Radio) Acid Pauli's my fav. Support, gracias. Omar Fridleifsson (FM Extra 101,5) Like it, like it a lot. Harry Avers (Proton radio / 365 Mag) Like Acid Pauli rmx a lot… Francys Loving all the tracks, another great one. Bruno Lepretre (Global Radio) Nice tracks Gunnar Theuerkauf 8Radio ZuSa) Phenomenal! Tim Thaler (BLN FM) Nice one! ptoile Great release! Benno Blome Top rmx by acid pauli! Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) Great stuff to be promoted at Ibiza Sonica. B Traits Thanks, will consider for the show! Nick Maurer (Faded Ranger) Cool set of tracks, the acid pauli rnx is pretty sweet! Laurent Garnier Will play & all my support!!! Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1Live) Wow, acid pauli kills it once again..diggin his remix as well as the original! Mireia Rec Sweet! Davide Squillace (Thisandthatlab) Nice one!!! Electric Feel DJs The original mix is definitely a standout, with beautiful vocals and a tasteful production. The triplet feel to the rhythm will grab anyone's ear when it enters the mix. The Acid Pauli remix is a nice bit of inventive techno that has fun with the vocal and melody. Le Gammeltoft (P3) So amazing! Affect! Martin and Yannick's remixes are both super nice, full support! Nadine Kreuzahler (Fritz rbb) Acid Pauli is my man here, full support! Andre Langenfeld (fritz fm) Acid Pauli :) Ingo Sänger (byte FM) Great song and mixes. top notch! Timmy Byrne (Kiss FM) YES! Peter Waldenberger (ORF Radio) I really love that stuff. Julez Nice Adam (DJ Asha) Very cool. Djuma Soundsystem Love it! Huge support from Djuma-land! Tony Rodriguez Great mixes. David Durango Sublime EP. Awesome tracks, all versions are stunning. DJ Root (KWSB 91.1) Lush evocative and intelligent electro pop. The voice of Holtoug is stunning on this and the remixes are stellar. A scintillating release sure to make airwaves and dance floors all over. Petros Manganaris Remixes sound good! nandu (Komplike.dk) Fantastic! Rene Passet (DJ Broadcast Mag) Acid Pauli hands down. Stelios Vassiloudis Lovely stuff - great remixes too! Justin Pearse (DJ Download) Interesting remixes, but it's the original that does it for me. Modernphase (Como Las Grecas) Acid Pauli's for me. Fantatsic EP! Taylor Solid production, thanks for sending. The EP's best track is Yannick's mix. Chopstick (Suol) Love the original! Also Yannick's and Acid Pauli's remixes…well Kasper Bjørke (hfn music) Great Acid Pauli remix!! Dubfire (Sci + Tec) Cool stuff, thanks. Tiger Stripes (Studio Barnhus) Acid Pauli's remix is super solid. Animal Trainer (Stil vor Talent) Excellent remix by Acid Pauli! Tim Engelhardt (Poker Flat) Best single I've heard in a while - you got to love the Acid Pauli mix. Great original as well! Ame (Innervisions) Thanks. Sven Dohse (Prestige Weltweit) Great Acid Pauli remix. Deo & Z-Man (hafendisko) Great track. A dub of yannicks remix would be great. Michael Reinboth (Compost) The Acid Pauli mix is awesome. DJ T. (Get Physical) Thank you for the music! Nils Nuernberg (Liebe*Detail) This is cool. Yannik's remix sticks out. Cool package anyway. THX Beats Radio (Apple) Ace stuff!!! Tsugi (France) Acid Puali remix. Trax (France) Acid Pauli! Makossa FM4 (Austria) Great Acid Pauli remix! HHV Mag (Germany) Release review tbc Wordandsound (Germany) Yannick’s mix kills it!”


Dapayk Solo — “Transformation” on MOS FERRY

DJ: “Berk Offset: "Fav: Transformation. That's the sound I love Mo's Ferry for, yeah!" Animal Trainer: "Transformation sounds fab!" Beatamines: "Fav: Too Deep Too Sleep. Easy & thick! awesome banger kollega!" Simina Grigoriu: "Fav: Too Deep Too Sleep. Badassss! Yeah! Great job! :)" Vincent Lemieux: "Fav: Too Deep Too Sleep. Crazy stuff. Can't wait to hear the album." Marcos In Dub: "Fav: Transformation. My god!!! Whatta track! Thanks!" Posivision Mag: "Both are killa!!" Tobi Kramer: "Nice and innovative tracks! Transformation is my favorite." Radio Diversions, CHRY.FM: "Loving the frenetic rhythms of Too Deep Too Sleep !" Slam Mode: "Fav: Too Deep Too Sleep. Feelin' this...well done." Turmspringer: "Transformation will kill it , thanx Didier dlb."”

Isolée — “Floripa Ep” on PAMPA

DJ: “Toshiya Kawasaki (Mule Musique) Another great Isolée release!! - Gerd Janson I’m liking both of these new Isolée tracks guys. Favouride being my favouride ;) Favouride Prins Thomas I’m loving both these however it's still in the shadow of the last 2 releases for me, which I'm still playing out. I will get around to spinning these too though ;) As always, would love vinyl if available. - Midland Favouride is really great. Just manages to tow the line between euphoria and melancholy! Favouride Marcus Worgull Sorry for the late reply. I’m loving the new Isolée and playing it already  - Soulphiction / Jackmate Floripa is heat!! Beauty of a 12”! Floripa - DJ Harvey Thank you for sending. I’m playing catch up at the moment… bear with me. - Shir Khan (Fritz Radio, Germany) Such a wonderful release… - Benoit (Tsugi Magazine, France) Floripa is the winner here for us…. Floripa Resident Advisor Reviewing… - Ben A (DJ Magazine UK, House Reviewer) Wicked stuff as ever. Consider it reviewed! - Michel Cleis I love thé full ep! Groove And deepness at thé same Time, présented in 2 différent fréquencies patterns. Favouride takes me back in early nineties after hours vibe, extra groovy bassline played in a sexy and coloured funky way. Nice And fresh mélodies ... I Will move my old ass a lot on this! Floripa is great too, more in a subfrequencies groove way, it takes you out slowly and surely. Will play it With pleasure! Thank you for thé Nice music. - Axel Boman The Best of the BEST!!  - Ripperton Was almost shaking before to press play. And now I know why, this is absolutely amazing. Rajko at is best, beautiful layering, sound design and harmonies. Can’t wait to play them tomorrow. - George Fitzgerald This is awesome as ever. Every time with Pampa! Will spin Floripa at my gig tomorrow. Floripa Mano Le Tough Absolutely incredible record. LOVE IT!! - Dave DK Rajko played me the tracks last week already at his place. Fantastic 2 new pieces of magic, they will last a long time in my sets like „Allowance“. - John Talabot This is the best! Nicest melody of the year. - Charles Webster I love it! Will play both. Super classy and modern house music. Thanks again… Always the best for me on Pampa!! The Revenge: Superb! Still one of the most original labels and Isolée one of the most original artists. Excited to play these. - Sandrino: First of all as always thank you for the music! Happy to hear some new Isolee stuff! I really like the vibe of the a side. The groove and the harmonys are great. Not really a fan of outros but you can still handle it during the mix, thanks to loops :) the b side is cool as well, more deeper. Looking forward to try it on a proper system. Then I can say more for sure :) Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space Radio, NYC, USA): Thanks for this guys. Definitely gonna try and play something from this on the radio show… Not sure which one yet though. Daniel Nijensohn: Excellent new tracks from Isolée! Chris B (WKDU Radio, Philadelphia, USA): Moody and cerebral - Pampa is always so lovely!! Karlos (Ibiza Sonica Radio): Amazing music like always in Pampa records...Many thanks. Thaddeus Herrmann (Radio Fritz, Germany): I will play these on my radio show! Cian (RTE RnaG, Ireland): An unsurprisingly dreamy return from Isolee. David Pianka (Dave P) (Making Time Radio, WKDU Radio, Philadelphia, USA): I have a feeling I'm going to be playing Favoruide pretty often! Michael Rütten (Groove Magazine / Soulpatrol Radio, Germany): Isolee always brings the sun out. No matter which season. This is beautiful once again. Thanks a lot. Diversions (CHRY Toronto, Canada): Nicely crafted release - especially like the intricately weaving rhythms and subtle melodic flow of the title cut ! Floripa Makossa (Swound Sound, FM4, Vienna, Austria) Excellent, truly excellent… Larse (Sirius Radio, USA): Simply awesome and stunning. 10/10 Thank you for this Sam B (Producer, Apple - Beats 1 Radio): KILLLLLEEERRRR!!! Michael Leuffen (Carhartt Radio, Germany): Such a nice ep... Finely crafted... Heiko (Groove Magazine, Fritz Radio, Germany): Sounding good already… Josh Marcy (Media Arts Lab / Apple, USA): EXCELLENT! Scan Mode (DJ Magazine, Spain): KILLER tunes! Really top stuff Thilo (Groove Magazine, Germany): We will consider for review of course… Adam Saville (Assistant Editor, DJ Magazine, UK): Top, TOP release! Mash (Mixmag, UK - House Reviewer): This is colossal. Big large production! Love it. Tom D (Editor, Inverted Audio): Floripa is so good - excellent production as well - up for a premiere / interview / podcast? Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork, USA): As you know I'm a big fan of Pampa, and I'm really happy about Isolée's return. I hope there is more after this!”

Daniel Dexter — “Deeper Love” on POKER FLAT

DJ: “Marco Resmann (Upon You) Daniel keeps is classic. The „Deeper Love" remake is my favourite here. Thanks! Anja Schneider (Mobilee) Very cool Alexkid remix ! Edu Imbernon (Eklektisch) Nice pack - will try. Thanks! Mihai Popoviciu (Poker Flat) Cool summerish house tunes! Phonique (Dessous) Will try! Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels) Listening now. x you&me (Ornaments) Wow... great record! Love all mixes !!! Deo & Z-Man (hafendisko) Heroine is dope! Or is dope heroine? hmm.... Taylor (Bedrock) I really enjoyed this EP, I love the old rave vibes of Deeper Love, full support. Martin Landsky (Poker Flat) Heroine and the Alexkid remix for me here.. Dave Angel (Rotation) Thanks, going to have another listen. Simon Garcia (Poker Flat) Alexis remix is a KILLER! Also diggin' Heroine for warming things up... Thanks boys :) AME (Innervisions) Thanks. Tim Engelhardt (Poker Flat) Mad love for the Alexkid remix!! Originals are good as well :) Matt Masters (Freerange) Alexkid remix for me on this one. Danny Tenaglia (Twisted) Thanks!!! Afrilounge (Connaisseur) Alexkid Rmx for me!!! Downloaded by manager for: Claptone, Claude VonStroke Arnaud Wyart (Trax) Yes. Kevin Goonewardena (HHV Mag) Review release tbc DJ yvesning (Covergence Magazine) Great drivin' reprise! Can't wait to play it live!!! :) Heroine's real fun 2 ! Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty) Good track thanks. love the name check's! Makossa (FM4) Solid tracks! Justin Pearse (DJ Download) Nice groovy rework. ”

Yotam Avni — “This Is How, Sterac Remix” on OVUM

DJ: “Bambounou This Is How (Sterac Remix) The Sterac remix is F.I.R.E!!! Gregor Tresher BBBOOY Skat BBBOOYY Skat sounds great for me, my fav of this package, will play it out. Steve´s mix also really cool! Eats Everything BBBOOY Skat BBBOOY Skat is right up my strasse! DBX VIBES. Locked Groove This Is How Great stuff from Yotam and Steve! Will support. sebo k BBBOOY Skat DOPE package of tracks! Will be playing these for sure! Konrad Black This Is How (Sterac Remix) Sterac mix for me on this. Quality release all round. Karotte This Is How Wow. Original is a bomb. Steve´s rmx is great too and BBBOOY Skat is great too. What can i say? BOMB release. Alan Fitzpatrick This Is How WOW this is massive! excited to drop this! Tassilo (Pan-Pot) This Is How This is a such a great new Ovum release! Support. Joris Voorn This Is How (Sterac Remix) Great originals and remix by Steve!! Dusky This Is How Really feeling This Is How, and remix is great too Kolsch BBBOOY Skat BOOOOOOOMMMMMBB track!! DJ HELL This Is How This original mix of Yotam's is HOT!! Support! George FitzGerald This Is How Really diggin this... Gonna play on the Radio 1 show. Steve Rachmad This Is How Finally out after 3 years!!! Happy that I had the privilege to play this out for such a long time. Great track, great response everywhere. For me..a HIT!!! Jackmaster This Is How Cheers for this one guys. Gonna take and test. Ben Westbeech (Breach) This Is How (Sterac Remix) YES, YES, YES.. That Sterac mix!! Anja Schneider This Is How Love this from the note!!!!! Thx for the music! dOP (Dam) This Is How AMAZING!! Simply... Psycatron This Is How They did it again... Damn... Ovum peeps! Yotam Avni - This Is How (Sterac Remix) Inflyte August 25th, 2015 20:19 Hector Romero This Is How Really feeling this vocal groove - I'm on it - Both Orig & Sterac rmx do it for me ;) H Catz n Dogz (Voitek) BBBOOY Skat BBBOOY SKAT is a DOPE record!! Chymera This Is How (Sterac Remix) Sterac always bringing the meat to the table :) Marc Romboy This Is How (Sterac Remix) Excellent remix by Steve! Full support, ace release!!! Ben Sims BBBOOY Skat BBBooy Skat + the Sterac remix are both doing it for me here, thx for sending!! Andre Kronert This Is How (Sterac Remix) Great release but the Sterac remix takes it all for me!! Amazing one! Love also the subtle feeling of BBBOOY Skat! Can't wait to check them out next weekend. Matthias Tanzmann This Is How Every single track on here is good for me!! Support for sure! shlomi aber BBBOOY Skat So happy to see this one finally out from my boy Yotam .. Full support for this talented producer. Danny Howells This Is How (Sterac Remix) Originals are really cool but the Sterac mix takes it to the new dimension .. can't wait to drop this, brilliant release. Danny Tenaglia This Is How (Sterac Remix) Thanks for this, gonna take it!!!! Len Faki This Is How (Sterac Remix) The original mix and Steve's Sterac remix are amazing - will play both for sure! Benny Rodrigues This Is How (Sterac Remix) Sterac remix is perfect for my ROD set! Also feeling BBBooy big time.. Hope Dan Bell won't sue Yoram though ;)) This Is How original is a really nice cut too, but it's the other two that i will play for sure, tnx! Dubfire This Is How (Sterac Remix) Downloaded Norman Nodge This Is How (Sterac Remix) All three tracks ROCK!! I will support! Tobi Neumann This Is How (Sterac Remix) This Is How original and the brilliant Sterac remix are winning here for me. I'll be supporting. Thanks guys! Tiefschwarz (Ali) BBBOOY Skat Strong release. I like all three tracks a LOT. Thanks for sending. Rolando This Is How (Sterac Remix) BBBOOY Skat & Sterac rmx are both Dope!!!. Dave Clarke BBBOOY Skat Tough to choose between Steve's Mix or BBBOOY Skat , so I'll have both thanks. Yotam Avni - This Is How (Sterac Remix) Inflyte August 25th, 2015 20:19 Blawan This Is How (Sterac Remix) Really love the Sterac Remix!!! Also the BBBOOY Skat track is really nice, will play these out for sure. Doc Martin This Is How (Sterac Remix) Sterac in the HOUSE!!!! Robag Wruhme BBBOOY Skat This is a great ep! Thank you for sending this over. Kiki This Is How This is SUPER! Can´t wait to play out tonight! Dan Curtin BBBOOY Skat Nice solid EP but I'm particularity into BBBOOY Skat, will definitely be playing and supporting this one! Luca Bacchetti This Is How This Is How!!! Solid Ep!!!! Perfect in my techno sets! Troy Pierce BBBOOY Skat This is a DOPE track!! Definitely going to play this... Martinezbros BBBOOY Skat DOPE ep! Will rock BBBOOY and that Sterac mix. Soulphiction / Jackmate BBBOOY Skat BBBOOY Skat wins hands down for me here, its a great tool! Thanks! Adam Beyer This Is How Amazing release. The Sterac remix is great but the original steals the show for me, just. Steve Parker This Is How (Sterac Remix) Another winner from Ovum! Mano Le Tough This Is How (Sterac Remix) Excellent ep from Yotam and Ovum. Sterac remix is my favourite to play. Thanks for sending! Orde Meikle (SLAM) This Is How (Sterac Remix) GREAT tunes here guys - thank for sending. Support! Ambivalent This Is How (Sterac Remix) Wow, phenomenal stuff here! Definitely going to play these a ton! Thanks!! ”

Press (online): “Andrew Wowk (DJ Magazine, Pulse Radio, Bondi Radio, Australia) This Is How (Sterac Remix) That Sterac remix is absolute brilliant. Will play on my radio show. Radio name fave comments Diversions (CHRY Toronto, Canada) (Riyaz) BBBOOY Skat Good release - especially like the wobbly rhythms and deep basslines of BBBOOY Skat. Rolf Mulder (The Public Stand, Holland) This Is How (Sterac Remix) Sterac Remix is what you expect from a Sterac Remix. Good one! The Aston Shuffle (Friday Night Shuffle - (Triple J Radio, Australia)) This Is How Really hypnotic stuff!! Makossa (Swound Sound, FM4, Vienna, Austria) This Is How This is sounding great!!! Chris Burrell (WKDU Radio, Philadelphia) This Is How KILLER ! Ovum keeps shaking it up in awesome new ways with every release - great release... Jonty Skrufff (Sisyphos (Berlin) / BLN.FM/ Dance Paradise (Brasil- 57 FM stations)/ Underground FG/ Kiss FM (Ukrain) This Is How (Sterac Remix) I like the Sterac mix - will be layering and looping at Sisyphos shortly (wintergarten set). Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) This Is How Very, very nice! Will play it on Ibiza Global Radio, thanks.”

Press (Print): “Thilo schneider (Groove Magazine, Germany) This Is How (Sterac Remix) Thanks for the music! Benoit C (Tsugi Magazine, France) This Is How (Sterac Remix) Cooool remix from Steve. Manuel (Faze Magazine - Techno Reviewer) This Is How (Sterac Remix) Pad unique!!!!! Yotam Avni - This Is How (Sterac Remix) Inflyte August 25th, 2015 20:19 Scan Mode (DJ Magazine, Spain) This Is How (Sterac Remix) Reaallyyy nice vibe on Sterac remix and BBBOOY Skat! Agus (DJ Magazine, Spain) This Is How This Is How is a peak-time banger. Love the vocals. Thanks.”

Radio: “- BTraits - BBC Radio 1 - 22/08/15 - Sterac Remix http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b065s5lc - George Fitzgerald - BBC Radio 1 - 20/08/15 - Original http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b065s4qy Yotam Avni - This Is How (Sterac Remix) Inflyte August 25th, 2015 20:19 - BTraits - BBC Radio 1 - 15/08/15 - Sterac Remix http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b064y7q9 Yotam Avni - This Is How (Sterac Remix) Inflyte August 25th, 2015 20:19”

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